• Tim Sweeney: EGS improves the industry, and gamers don't understand
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Yes, I definitely want to use the store of the guy actively insulting me and telling me I'm ignorant for having concerns about the way the store handles every part of it's existence.
"No you're wrong I'm right! >:("
"Gamers don't see the hardship of making a payroll and seeing the store suck out 30% of the revenue from it" That is so absolutely not one of the many issues people bring up and it is mind boggling that he thinks it is about the store cut.
You fucking taking away the game that I HELPED CROWDFUND for a DRM free gog release is not something that I see "making the industry better" Yes, half the fault is on gallop as well, but by basically guaranteeing these game devs a golden goose regardless of if they make and sell a good game or not, you're encouraging the industry to go full "fuck gamers, maximum profits"
It's such a pity grab, and it's super fucking disingenuous.
"You think you don't want it but you do". Fuck you Tim, finish Unreal Tournament or do something productive if you want people to stop hating you, telling lies to every website make look you like a compulsive liar.
"consumers don't know what they want, we tell them what they want" tim sweeney please fuck off
"Gamers don't see the hardship of making a payroll and seeing the store suck out 30% of the revenue from it" Ah yes, its us who don't see it. Us gamers who keep being the target of experiments on how to gouge out more money out of the consumers, us, who are fed broken unfinished games as subscription seasons. Tell me Tim, how did that help anyone but publishers? Did it help the 800 people fired by Blizzard?
Well obviously those 800 employees don't understand what it's like to have to pay 800 employees for their work on the back of massive, sky-shattering profits. No one can work in those conditions.
The lower profit cut is great but dont act like thats the magic trick that entitles you to deflect all negative feedback and talk out of your ass
Is it that time of the year again to be getting "gamers are entitled" articles?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/304543/5d810fb6-56ae-4242-8c6e-bdfbbe9fbc25/image.png How is it that rich business owners from the 1900's had more sense than Tim Sweeney does?
There definitely seems to be Epic money being tossed around to some publications and content creators to brag up how great Epic, the Epic Games Store, and Tim Sweeney are and how bad literally everything else is.
Metro Exodus far exceeded even Steam projections in sales, and this really proves that it's about the games, not about the stores. So I managed to skim over this first time I read but picked up on it the second time. How is he even legally allowed to make comments like this when Epic are literally buying copies of the game from developers to reach their sales goals? Surely this must come under some sort of false advertising law or something?
hubris is a helluva drug
The thing is a week or two ago several publications and YouTuber creators were making videos trying to glorify them. Like one of them was trying to excuse and white-knight Fortnite monetization because Tim Sweeney donates to forestry stuff.
Shut up, Tim.
I wonder when is Jim gonna make a video about Epic 🤔 Ontopic, I guess Tencent has him by the balls
So all that Fortnite money that could've went to either developing Unreal Engine to be even more advanced or resurrecting your older franchises that still have dedicated fanbases (Like Unreal games), you've decided to just lobby other devs to have their games on your own consumer-unfriendly store. Such a shame tbh.
Man even if the Epic Game Store was amazing, these sort of statements are just a constant stream of bullshit
This is not true. It just happens to be true in this situation. I constantly deal with people who believe they're always right and then make their problems worse by believing that and refusing to do what I say that would fix their issue.
I don't think more curation is a good thing at all
oh fuck off tim you know very well that's not why people are angry about your dumpster fire of a store
He's always seemed like a weird fucking guy and i guess this is what power does to weird fucking people.
For one, he did, its basically praised it since basically "steam allows bad games!1!1!111!!!11!!!" Also, if you don't know, Tencent owns more than games, they are basically Facebook in China too. Which is active in the social credit system and has developed its own stuff for it too. Also helps spies on the Uyghur people in China, which China puts in "reeducation camps" Yeah, they a bit of a bad ethics problem.
At this point not only am I refusing to buy anything from his shit store, but I think I'll also stop buying games using Unreal. I refuse to give this snake a single cent.
Tim can go fuck himself.
He's not wrong, EGS has done more for indie games than steam has in the last few years. Not to mention what UE4 does for its devs. He's not technically wrong. And while Epic have been stomping the digital storefront field by buying out devs, steam has just been sat on their backs letting Epic roll over them. Their app might be crap, but nobody is doing anything to counter them.
Citation needed.
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