• Tim Sweeney: EGS improves the industry, and gamers don't understand
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For what games
What do you mean? Whether through in-house development, lazyness, or enticing a third party, there's a bunch of games that end up being exclusive to one system/platform, which all end up with the same result of I can't buy it without going through that system.
All exclusives are trash, but at least first party ones aren't malicious, you're building something from the ground up, with all the risks involved and for a lot of money, in order to bring new content to a platform. You're still fragmenting the market, but at least you're not starving your competition of hype.
I'm not seeing any epic defense brigade, I'm seeing like literally one poster disagreeing with people. I don't agree with them, but people having a different opinion than you, especially if it's very few of them, isn't a "brigade". I really hate how discussion on FP is slowly devolving into "agree with me or you're Hitler/a shill" on so many topics, even if you're just trying to argue about mitigating factors or nuances.
Fair point, but you still need a lot of money and momentum to convince developers to release exclusively on your platform in the first place as well, so it's not entirely risk free. Also if it's not promised to come on a specified platform in the first place, how is it more malicious? (It's definitely scummy if it was already promised to come to one platform then you can it) And exclusives would starve hype in general, not so much how it became exclusive.
Metro Exodus? Phoenix Point?
Yeah, Metro was the first thing I mentioned a few posts back. Still, that was more of the publisher's/developer's fault for accepting rather than epic's for offering money. That is very true. Still, you could end up with a total lemon like fallout 76.
People were predicting it to be trash from the screenshots alone. There were more than enough reasons to come to the conclusion that FO76 would've been trash. Whoever put the hit is just as guilty as the hitman, just saying.
That would depend on when negotiations started and when the deal was closed, but from the way metro was handled it seemed to be pretty recent, so I can agree that it was partly epic's fault.
In this thread perhaps, but there's a really strange group of seemingly braindead posters (including an fp employee) who are dedicated to worthless shit posts in favor of epic
Any games that is released exclusively on the EGS should be pirated
I don't like valve at all, I don't like having a dominant store, but valve is the one that has done a better job on a large scale.
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