• Cyberpunk 2077 Will NOT be an Epic Games Exclusive
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https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/03/22/cyberpunk-2077-seemingly-wont-be-an-epic-games-store-exclusive Talking on Twitter, CD Projekt Red’s global community lead, Marcin Momot, said that “Our goal is to make Cyberpunk 2077 available to as many gamers as possible on their platform of choice.” With all these great games being suckered in with the Epic Games Exclusive shit, we hadn't heard from any developers who openly state their games will not fall into this scheme. I guess there's one title we can rest easy, God Bless CD Projekt Red.
And Cyberpunk continues to be the best fucking game. Funny how a game all about ammoral corporations devouring the soul of society for maximum profit and control isn't bowing down to an ammoral corporation devouring the soul of a community for maximum profit and control.
I bet because they learn how harsh that thing from making that game. So they don't want to do that. Instead they make it in a game instead of real life.
It would be very weird if it was Epic exclusive since they own GoG. I mean I suppose they could release the game on Epic and GoG(which I wouldn't mind since GoG is the best digital platform on PC). The news is still good tho.
What if they made the game a Gog exclusive? Lots of people don't know that Gog exists, so it would give that shop a lot of publicity, with masses of people opening accounts just to get the game. At the same time, they wouldn't face as strong of a backlash if they did it now compared to even a few months ago, since epic games store seems to have taken the main blow in shifting the overtone window to make such things conceivable. On the other hand, maybe it could hurt their sales. Who knows.
Tim went to them, didn't he.
Mate I wouldn't put it past anyone at the moment, even if they do own a store. Ubisoft (WHO OWNS THEIR OWN STORE) just signed an exclusives deal with EGS.
They might get some backlash from people on that. But frankly I prefer GOG's non-drm platform compared to others. Still nice that they are keeping their game available on every platform.
There is a bit of a difference in Ubisoft's case. Ubisoft is kind of self-aware on the fact that most people usually skip even Steam for their games due to knowing that they have to go through UPlay anyways. So the EGS exclusivity almost seemed like free money for Ubisoft. CD Projekt's case is a bit different since they rely on a lot of good will of their playerbase in comparison. Having both a significant amount of sales of their games both in Steam and GOG. Not saying CD Projekt is infallible, but from even a business standpoint they have a lot more to lose in their case, plus it'll go against the main motto/philosophy of their company which they have firmly established.
With all that money the game's gonna make? You betcha. Goddamn I'm gonna get the baller edition of this.
To be fair at least it would be there own game there making an exclusive not just a game they kbow wpuld be populour so they decide to buy publishing rights. Besides that GoG is the best gaming store out there anyway compared the piece of shit that's the epic one so it wouldn't be as bad.
FUCK YES it's literally the only game I care about coming out this year
Bit weird to say that about an unreleased title, eh?
Not really.
Do note that this doesn't mean the game won't be on the store, just that it won't be an exclusive. And yeah, seeing as they own GOG, it would be kind of foolish for them to abandon their own platform. Also this doesn't fully exclude them from jumping ship from Steam and just having it be available on Epic and GOG as Steam wasn't mentioned anywhere, but this is CDPR who are probably the most consumer facing AAA developers out there, so I doubt they'd drop Steam. I would imagine it would hurt their sales. The game would still find success for sure, especially if it turns out good, but you'd have the same consumers complaining about the Epic Store and other launchers now complaining about this as well. Those that complain just want their games all in one place, and that one place is Steam. Didn't stop me from getting the Witcher games on GOG though. I'll jump at the opportunity to give developers back as much as I can, and as CD Projekt owns GOG, the developers essentially get back 100% of the profit. As much as I'd love GOG to rise to the occasion and be competition though, I know it's never going to happen. DRM free and a vastly smaller user base make most AAAs lose interest, a not so refined developer experience drives indies away on top of that, and your average consumer doesn't really care about their games having DRM so they'd stick with Steam regardless.
I'm inclined to agree. However, the 40 minute or so gameplay video they dropped last year was really impressive and has literally been better than actual full games I've seen released last/this year, including some from AAA studios..
Things would be a lot different if Tim Sweeney had the client just be a store front with no addition DRM.
Scripted demo playthroughs tend to be like that, dude.
Obviously. But I don't think I've ever really watched any other "demo playthrough" like that and actually thought it was better than other games being released at the current time. Perhaps it's just me.
Good, I'd rather not have to write another game off my list, especially this one.
Ubisoft is a well known garbage publisher though. CD Projekt Red on the other hand have a reputation for being consumer-focused. There's no reason to believe that they won't put Cyberpunk on Steam. If anything I think it being on Epic's store is less likely than it being on Steam due to how anticonsumer the Epic store is thus far.
Gunna be purchasing it directly through GoG to support them, these bastards deserve it.
It would have been very odd if CDPR would go with an Epic Exclusive as the owners of GoG really. Wouldn't be surprised tho if it also comes out on the Epic Store, unless some fine print prevents that, then they likely go with Steam, GoG and the usual.
They're probably gonna release it on most platforms including Epic's, which is perfectly fine in conjunction with everything else
but it WILL be an epic game, am I right gamers?
Really glad to see CDPR didn't cave in to Epic, now here's hoping Doom Eternal won't be an EGS exclusive.
It definitely won't be, since it'll be a Bethesda Store exclusive.
Tim Sweeney on suicide watch
I’m as excited as anyone for this title but if I’ve been taught anything in the past 10 years as a gamer it’s not to get my hopes up, and certainly not to count my eggs before they’ve hatched.
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