• Solar storm hits Earth this week, pushing northern lights south (visible today)
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https://www.cnet.com/news/a-solar-storm-hits-earth-this-week-pushing-northern-lights-south/?ftag=COS-05-10aaa1e&utm_source=reddit.com https://www.gi.alaska.edu/monitors/aurora-forecast People who live in the northern parts of the world can check the forecasts above.
fuck its been sunny every single day of the week except for TODAY. no northern lights for me I guess!
Coronal mass ejection next please? I want to see those lights down south. don't be greedy Canadians
Is that a joke? I assume it is, but in case it's not, Aurora are only ever visible at twilight and night time.
I've been in Iceland since Monday and I leave Saturday morning. I'm rather upset I haven't gotten a chance to see anything.
the bloody thing cuts off right at my province.
Fuck, too far south. I hope you Canadians enjoy the show, at least.
Looks like it will go down a bit further tomorrow night, the northmost US states might get a little bit of a view.
Yeah fuck, I think it's tomorrow, not today. That forecasting site dating confused me.
Oh hell yeah, I finally get to see some action
lmao I'm like literally right on the outskirts of the white part in Ontario, looks like even Toronto(roughly an hour away from me) is gonna get to see it potentially.
What does it mean if you're within the outermost green ring but not within the gradient band?
it goes so much further south over north america than europe no fair
That you may be able to see it very close to the horizon if the weather is good enough.
I'm in Aberdeen but I'm not sure if it means early or late on the 23rd?
Apparently the gradient means % chance of seeing it, so if you're on the outer edge you might see it if you're lucky.
Damn it, that's a shame, I'd love to see everything being lit up with weird colours.
I think it's the 23rd, I misread one of the forecast sites.
Living in North Dakota is paying off for once.
Thankfully it's a mild one. Would be an awful point it time to have our power grid be knocked out...
I was hoping to get to see the aurora but it's fucking snowing all weekend long :C
In eastern Montana, I think im just on the edge of the white area. Here's hoping but i doubt it
such is life of the southern hemisphere 😔
Time to go take pictures!!!!
It's today! The skies are super clear in Stockholm. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113148/47b0110c-b11c-4d90-978c-f4e73f481a50/image.png
motherfucker, i live above that green line, does this mean i still get to see the lights? either ways i won't see them because clouds
Hoping for good sights tonight. There are some clouds atm, but it's going to clear up completely in the next few hours. I have a tripod and will try to take pictures using my phone (S10+). Not having high hopes for phone astrophotography but I suppose it's better than nothing.
Shouldn't it be visible about now? Skies are clear but can't see shit from southern Stockholm
I haven't been able to see anything at all. I read on Facebook from some astronomy group that the sun ejection could have missed earth :S
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