• Solar storm hits Earth this week, pushing northern lights south (visible today)
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Same here. The skies are cloudless, but no auroras at all. Mid-Finland area. Have this photo of a clear starry sky. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/89/1dce9566-1083-452f-ab01-00dca46f8c4e/20190323_222538.jpg
I mean we have astrophysicists advising people here in Denmark that it might be visible from here, though low on the horizon, so I wouldn't just stare into my screen all night just because you live outside the green band - chances are it's not quite as nicely uniform as you might think.
it was all a scam, i woke up at 3am to see the sky, and it was clear as hell, full moon and zero sightings of northern lights
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