• Emilia Clarke talks about her two aneurysms that could have killed her
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https://www.newyorker.com/culture/personal-history/emilia-clarke-a-battle-for-my-life-brain-aneurysm-surgery-game-of-thrones I know this isn't the usual sort of content for this group, and I rarely read celebrity news, but I saw this going around Twitter and it was a really powerful read. Scary stuff.
On the set, I didn’t miss a beat, but I struggled. Season 2 would be my worst. I didn’t know what Daenerys was doing. If I am truly being honest, every minute of every day I thought I was going to die. Yeah, now I kinda feel bad when we all made fun of her season 2 performance
One aneurysm is bad enough already but holy shit.
I've had two brain haemorrhages that were similar but not arterial like hers, so they weren't as serious. In my case, they were caused by trauma though. The weirdest part about a brain haemorrhage in my experience is that I've had really bizarre delusions and hallucinations and not really understood the world around me at all whilst they were going on. When I was recovering from the first one in St. Mary's hospital in London, the ward I was in was completely changing shape every day. It almost feels like a dream when I think back to that time.
Oh man, sounds nightmarish. How did you deal with that mentally?
It's scary enough the first time but to experience it twice is devastating.
I'm already an anxiety ridden mess with nothing like this ever happening to me, to experience this would probably kill me. She's super strong.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATGaybgla0w Yeah, having an Aneurysm is one of my worst fears. Just the fact that it could happen and it could fuck you up so bad you wouldn't even know it was happening.
It's actually pretty surprising how quickly I recovered. The initial symptoms were extremely severe in terms of my cognitive abilities and psychological state, but after 2-3 weeks, I'd say I was entirely back to normal apart from just getting a lot more tired for a bit. I got over it fairly quickly emotionally but it was really scary at the time due to hallucinations/confusion and stuff.
Neuroplasticity is very, very cool You can have an entire hemisphere removed and go about (mostly) the same, with only a few lateralization issues.
Ouch Amazing luck though, aneurysm often results in basically being instakilled, I know a few such cases (suspiciously much for a small area)
trying to remember your own name must be a terrifying experience. Can't even begin to imagine it
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