• Twin Peaks actress Sherilyn Fenn loses everything in apartment fire
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https://twitter.com/sherilynfenn1/status/1109102327565189121?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet No news outlet has the story yet, but here it is. Sherilyn Fenn, actress in Twin Peaks (Audrey Horne) lost everything in an apartment fire that looks like shotty repairs by the landlord caused. She's started a gofundme page: https://www.gofundme.com/starting-over-godfundus From the gofundme: On Sunday late afternoon our apt caught fire from an electrical problem with our dryer. Our landlord is liable but is doing nothing. We are out of a home and all of our belongings are permeated with horrible smoke and soot. The fire chief and fire investigator deemed it a total loss. We are now in a 1 room extended stay trying to figure out our next steps. It’s scary. We are praying to God to guide our steps as we figure out how to move forward. We don’t even have clothes as everything, every single things smells so bad. Any help would be so appreciated. May God bless you and keep you. With love and light, Sherilyn, Myles, Christian and our pups who we managed to save Greyson, Samson and Delilah
It's amazing how many landlords will cut costs and corners just to save themselves a little bit in the short term. Let alone the amount of memories and sentiments lost in that fire. Penny wise, pound foolish.
Why are 95% of landlords unrepetenant fucking jack offs who treat all of their tenents like inconveniences for demanding stuff they pay for? My apartment is a pile of shit and my landlord has the gall to jack my rent, threaten to sell my apartment out from under me if I didn’t renew for next year within ONE MONTH of moving in, and when I complain that we pay the same amount for our unit despite it being the smallest with the least amount of amenities as all the other units he has the fucking audacity to claim my apartment is the “nicest unit in the building” and act like I’m an ungrateful child for not being happy that it only takes him weeks at a time to fix anything. seriously fuck landlords
Part of the reason I'm so hesitant to move from my current place is because my current landlord is the first non-asshole landlord I've had. Yeah, the rent's expensive(SF bay area) but considering most other landlords will happily try to rip me a new asshole with random stuff here and there, it's just not worth the stress and hassle.
This subforum always reminds me that i live in a fairytale-land where i don't really have to worry about anything. Sure i've had shitty landlords, but shitty for has been like; He wanted to paint the bathroom when i moved out with a special paint that i had to pay a bit for. That's about it.
How is that legal
Because you don't have to be smart to be a landlord sadly. Plenty of morons end up in the roll just because they had the money to buy some buildings.
It's not, but the suit they file will be as expensive as the damage from the fire.
Did she not have insurance?
my appartment in college flooded after nobody checked on a utility room for what had to be 6 months because the leak was the size of a pin
First I wanted to write how its a bit weird that she needs a GoFundMe campaign, as someone who appears to be still somewhat active, here and there. Like you would think somebody like her would maybe still have assets or a good income. Then I did look through her twitter a bit and it seems like her family isn't doing all to well anymore. At least going by various attempts to make extra money, with self made shoes, some ebay sales etc. Although its kinda hard to tell, 3/4 of the feed was "praising the lord", at a quite alarming level. Its a bit odd still, no mention of insurance, even the gofundme is half full of God again. Either way, loosing all personal stuff to a fire is horrible, even worse when it could have easily been prevented. Hope she at least goes after the landlord.
Actors are not made of fucking money, especially ones that are not currently in a major show, her major fame was from the 90s, since then shes been basically a small time actor. Sorry to break the news to you but its not fair to judge her just because she was famous and assume shes loaded because of that. The 90s was a long fucking time ago and you don't know what shes been doing with her expenses, the fact shes been living in an apartment should say a fair amount. I don't blame her for seeing if others will help her situation, its fucked up that the bodged not even repair job lost her everything personal.
you have to get a personal R.I to get the money from the stuff back. The required R.I s for apartment it self E.g if a ceiling collapses you don't have to pay for it.
The landlord is liable for the damage caused, and insurance should easily cover the difference, as long as everything was properly documented. Nothing about her situation seems to really warrant a gofundme.
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