• Supernatural is finally ending on it's 15th season.
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https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/supernatural-final-season-15-1203170437/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BvUuPGpgD7T/?utm_source=ig_embed Damn, end of a era. 15 seasons is quite the achievement for a show like this. Gonna be a sad day when that series finale airs.
So soon?
Breaking news alert: Tumblr fucking self-destructs.
That was still going? I think thats the first time in a few years I heard about the series again, thought that ended long ago.
It didn't already?
Love the series. I was quite sceptical at first when watching the first season because of the whole ghosts stuff, but as it turns out it adds some logic/consistency to the whole thing and the actors are great and likeable.
I remember when I first watched it and it was a sort of neat supernatural western, and then it rapidly degenerated into overly broad and hysterically overblown bollocks and now it's apparently all kinds of self-aware and camp about that?
They've done so much shit with this show lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4L8wzNogfk
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/143764/7d225100-dbc0-4c1d-97e3-904f397a2167/animation (5).gif Here's hoping so that I have an excuse to leave!
If it dosen't end with them having a converation in the Impala, I'm gonna be disappointed.
Impala driving off into the setting sun on an empty generic Midwest highway. With it dipping to black before the credits as the "Don't you cry no more" lyric drops.
Or if they just fucking die
somebody's still mad about felicia day
15 years is a good run. I've loved every moment of it.
Guess I'll finally start watching it.
Tbh, really not a fan of her at all
No one is.
I like her.
This show is no joke actually pretty good up to season 5 probably should’ve ended it there though. Became less fun when it turned from a monster of the week, to high stakes on top of high stakes.
That Scooby Doo crossover was dope
i'm glad they're ending it before they ran out of ideas
Didn't they go to Wonderland from Alice and Wonderland a few seasons ago?
They probably went about 10 seasons longer than they should have, if I'm being honest. The first 2 seasons were close to perfect, 3-5 were still fantastic, and then it went steadily downhill. I fell off at season 9 or 10, so I don't know how it went from there. I might binge the rest once it ends, just to see.
they had an episode where a haunted tv sucks them int9 a scooby doo episode and it was great. the middle seasons kinda suck but the first couple and later seasons are really good.
i haven't watched it since season 4 because i don't have the patience or interest in heaven and hell bullshit with angels and demons. i miss when it was more about urban legends and mythology
Can faithfully say I have been watching this show since its 2nd season first aired and have not missed a single episode. This is going to upset me a great deal when it finally ends, but I know it can't go on forever.
I have been watching this since it first aired, it's been a long ride but there hasn't been an episode of this show I haven't liked. amazing cast and characters that on and off screen really do feel like family, I am gonna be heartbroken when this show ends but I can't wait to see how it all turns out.
Thank Christ now my mom can stop talking about this shit.
i watched until season 8-9 at which point it became stupid in a bad way, but apparently they've embraced the stupid in a jojo like fashion and it's good again? might give the new seasons a go
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