• Microsoft tries to promote diversity, fails horribly with "Blacks at Xbox"
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Unfortunate name for a program that is entirely un-unfortunate.
This is god damned hilarious. One thing though, isn't it weird how its perfectly fine to call us "Black", and yet "Blacks" is somehow terrible to some people? For real, i'll never get it.
Nobody mentioned yet that controller looks suspiciously like goatse these wounds can't be healed
That's really not true. diversity isn't some idealized homogeneous view of all people, it's the celebration of each culture. Why is it wrong to highlight African Americans in the industry, exactly?
Because whites aren't a historically disenfranchised minority in the industry?????
While I think diversity in the industry is a good thing, if your goal is to erase prejudices among disenfranchised minorities then you have to be extra careful of your wording or else you end up in a situation like this where people within that minority end up not liking it due to unfortunate naming conventions.
I think you're going to find more white young adults complaining about the naming convention than African American game industry workers
I don't think anyone is actually mad are microsoft for this. I think everyone is just super embarrassed for them
Here at Microsoft we've got the best blacks, our blacks are better than everyone else's... yikes
because everything other than things celebrating particular minorities is basically already whites of xbox?
I don't think black people need you to be offended for them. Calm down
Clearly not, since they are voicing their distaste for the name themselves.
so if i'm understandting this correctly, the wording is the issue: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/208523/3b4ea4f3-eab2-4eaa-aeb2-705c032388a8/Untitled-2.jpg
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