• Report: Sony no longer providing digital download codes to retailers
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sony does controversial thing, in other news non consensual porn is illegal in the UK
I didn't even know they did this to be honest - every physical copy of a PS4 game I've bought at a retailer came with an actual disc instead of a digital download. If I'm reading the article correctly, this only really affects digital-only games... and in that case, I don't know why you would go to a retailer for that instead of buying straight from the online store?
Some people like having physical media and box art. I know on certain games I buy the physical copies and redeem the code. Sometimes I just like the art.
Ahh, that's fair. I definitely buy like, actual disc copies for the same reason. I guess I never really looked into retail releases of digital-only games enough to notice
This sucks if you don’t want to keep track of a disc but still want the physical box art and goodies. But on the other hand, this will hopefully stop future Fallout 76 scenarios of “oooh, you unknowingly bought the digital download, sorry but we can’t refund you.”
when you have a gamestop gift card but the game is digital only
i think you can buy the store credit thingies with a gift card
You can, but because of the psn cards being pre-set amounts you'll end up over-spending because of sales tax usually
kids generally have a harder time buying digital only games plus its pretty easy for retailers to just have a rack of cards that they can just pluck off of and buy that game, its just a slight pain on the backend though.
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