• My sister's Barnes & Noble got shot up last night (just BB guns, thankfully)
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Teen with pellet gun opens fire in Cary store; 2 wounded, suspec.. (Embed doesn't work) At 7:10 p.m. an 18-year-old male walked into the Barnes and Noble bookstore with a pellet gun and began firing, Cary police said. Two people were hit by the pellets and were wounded. The call was put out as an "active shooter" despite the use of a pellet gun by the suspect, police said. A male and female were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, officials said. [...] "There were some shook up people for sure," said Capt. John Szymeczek with the Cary Police Department. "Anthough they were BB guns, they are very realistic looking replicas. It was a traumatic event for those folks." He added that one of the two people taken to the hospital suffered a "sort of panic attack situation." The injuries to the victims appear to be minor, police said. The teen with the pellet gun was taken into custody. Friggin' moron, who goes and shoots up a book store? My sister was the one who ended up calling 911; apparently she was just 6-10 feet away from the shooter at one point. She wasn't one of the two (fortunately minor) injuries and thank Christ they were just replicas, but no doubt she's mortified. Apparently she called my mom crying last night. I was already asleep by that point, having ate and crashed once I got home from training. Now, she's been planning for weeks to come back up to NJ tomorrow anyway, but this'll certainly put a damper on the reunion. I'll be honest, I kinda don't want her to go back down to NC again after this. They ended up finding the idiot hiding in a dumpster afterwards. Where he belongs.
Pellets can still do some damage, especially if they're fired with high enough force behind them https://media.mwstatic.com/product-images/880x660/Primary/368/368060.jpg
But why hide in the dumpster afterwards before the police even show up?
Changed his mind maybe?
I'm not huge into the airsoft/BB gun thing, but as far as I'm aware those types are usually used for hunting small game, like birds or squirrels. From the context it sounds more like an ~edgy~ teenager came in with an airsoft gun to prank some people, then ditched when people actually got scared and called the cops.
Those are pellets. If it was airsoft it would be a plastic BB. There are also metal BBs (which also can cause really bad damage) but I doubt that's what he used if they're saying pellet gun.
I've got all types of firearms(Airsoft, pellet/BB, actual gunpowder) in my house. the difference between airsoft and pellet is pretty stark. * Airsoft is more or less harmless. Totally so if you've got eyepro on. The BBs are round, plastic, ~6mm in diameter, and weigh no more than .15g each. The absolute worse they'll do is leave a welt, assuming target has eyepro on. They could take out an eye otherwise. Velocity is pretty rigidly fixed and you have to go in there to deliberately fuck with the mechanism to get more than about 300FPS out of one. Most, especially the cheaper ones, aren't even halfway there. One I have is only about 90-120 feet per second, depending on the ammo loaded. And because these things are so light, the projectiles lose velocity hand over fist; typical 'dangerous' range for one is only about 20-40 feet, beyond which the rounds lose so much energy they won't even leave welts anymore. This is why you have people intentionally shooting at each other with airsoft weaponry in tournaments, it's pretty much impossible to injure someone with safety glasses on with these things. * BBs are much smaller(4.5mm in diameter) and made of metal. So they're heavier. They're propelled at similar velocities, however, and in some guns can be pushed well in excess of 1,200FPS. Acuracy leaves a fair bit to be desired but these little bastards can break the skin and can punch through safety glasses. Probably not a fatal weapon to a human being but I could easily see one of these putting someone in the non-emergency department of a hospital so the BB can get dug out of their arm. * Pellets are designed to be lethal rounds and will easily one-shot kill small vermine like squirrels, pigeons, et-al. And in fact, many are used specifically for this. They're the same diameter as a BB(4.5mm/17 caliber), but their shape makes them far more accurate. Different types exist, as well, your standard point-nose is pretty good at penetration, hollowpoints and semi-wadcutters also exist. These also respond quite well to rifling. Even a cheap pump action pellet rifle can lodge one of these pretty deep in a person and, in rare instances, they can prove fatal to human beings as well as having no trouble whatsoever penetrating safety glasses(I've tested this with mine!). IF I were to surmise how one would kill a human with a pellet rifle, I'd say high-velocity with a pointed pellet hitting in the neck just near the jugular or carotid. I'm pretty sure a pointed pellet at north of 800FPS would have sufficient penetration to punch through and cause a major bleedout if it hit in this location, though for obvious reasons I don't ever want to find out first-hand. * Also worth noting: Many pellet rifles are dual-purpose; they will also shoot standard 4.5mm BBs. Mine is such an example. And velocity is variable by the end user with a lot of them. Mine charges up with an air pump built into the grip. At one pump it's laughable, wouldn't punch through a single layer of tin foil and won't even leave a welt if shot point blank. At ten, it will go through OSHA-approved safety glasses like they aren't even there. Mine's rated for a max velocity of about 450FPS. CO2 powered pellet rifles can push these things to supersonic speeds as well, or nearly there, 800-1200FPS is not unheard of for a CO2 powered pellet rifle. * Airsoft weaponry is, by law, required to have an orange tip in my area. Pellet rifles and BB guns *are not*. So not only are pellet rifles legitimately dangerous, but there isn't even a slight hint that it's not a gunpowder firearm like there is with an airsoft weapon. I wouldn't say these dumbasses brought lethal force with them but I can 100% understand why the police would respond as if they had. You just cannot tell a BB/Pellet rifle from a gunpowder rifle at a glance.
I have a pellet rifle from back when they were "new" and three pumps is enough to go through my fence, if the dude had something similar it could be potentially lethal depending on where you're hit.
I got drive-by shot with some of these in front of my house when I was 15 or so, still have a few small scars on my arm and ribs, fuckers do some damage
Slight correction on airsoft guns. You're describing toy guns, not actual airsoft guns. Airsoft guns as used for target shooting and skirmishes use at least .20g bb's, but typically use .28g for fully automatic guns and .40+g for marksman/sniper rifles. Depending on the country, they fire at about 350 to 400 feet per second for fully automatic replicas, to 500 feet per second for semi-automatic or bolt action rifles, with .20g bb's. Their range is also a lot further than 40 feet. 40 meters would be closer for an off-the-shelf assault rifle, but if you do some simple upgrades, you can double that. That's significantly more powerful than what you're describing, but it's still only about a fourth of the energy of an airgun.
This is true in the US.
https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article228376034.html He had a bomb. My mom's crying. Even I'm shedding a couple tears at the moment. This very easily could've turned out so much worse, and just days before she was about to come up. When she got home last night, we were joking about some of the more ridiculous aspects of the situation (which I'll mention at another time), but this revelation has brought back the gravity of the situation. Something so significant should not be so pivotal on something so minor. On another note, something about his eyes. Maybe just because I'm associating them with the guy who tried to kill my sister, but something just seems... dark about them. Not physically dark like their shading or anything (mine are physically dark), but... I dunno how to describe it.
Jesus, I shop at this Barnes and Noble all the time. Glad this schmuck didn't get that explosive off.
Any news on Motive? I feel like there's a lot of attempts at borderline terroristic violence going around these past few weeks.
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