• ISIS Caliphate has been defeated and holds No More Territory.
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https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/23/isis-defeated-us-backed-syrian-democratic-forces-announce Is this the last time we would ever hear from ISIS, unlikely. However, with them having no more claim of territory anywhere in the middle east and only bands of them in Africa mostly working with Boko Haram, it's safe to say we won't hear from them for a whole while. I think we can also safely say that their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdi has been long dead since the air strike on his hidden convoy, so that's a hatchet we can burry for now. Here's my victory music to this news. https://youtu.be/II04E2GEJG8
Baghdadi isn't dead. At least a few months ago they actually released a new recording of his speaking. Voice only, for obvious reasons they aren't going to film him because people can and will find him. ISIS may not be remotely a power house it was back in 2014 and 2015. But he's still at large and the promise that you had to have a multi-national coalition, along with the US and Russia failing to kill you multiple times is more than enough to start somewhere again.
Kurdish forces dispute White House claim Isis is eliminated in S..
The only way you're going to stop ISIS is by stabilizing these regions. The only reason why ISIS was able to gain that much grown was due to how much chaos was happening.
Well the reason I believe he's dead is due to a an airstrike we once launches on a senior commander second to Bin Laden back in the late 2000s. They came out claiming he was still alive and even gave voice recordings to his existence. Only after the death of Bin Laden when we put his second commander second in the kill list was then when the Taliban came out and stated he had died and been dead since the original air strike. It wouldn't have surprised me of Bagdhi took a page from that incident and left behind recordings to be played in the event of his death.
Recent recordings have him speaking about current events. Even the Iraqi army claims hes still ducking around some where I. The deserts
Now we just have to wait a few years for the chilldren affected by the radicalization effect of the bombing campaign and we can do it all over again.
War Economy in full action. Kojima tried to warn us.
ISIS is still thriving in Libya last I read, Boko Haram who are allied with ISIS are still wreaking havoc in Nigeria, as in thousands dead each year, etc. Trump and the US haven't resolved anything, they're just trying to bolster their voter numbers come the election by adding "successes" to campaign on.
So we can leave Syria now right?
>The fate of at least 300 Yazidi women and girls enslaved by Isis believed to still be in Baghuz when the town fell, as well as that of high-profile hostages kept by the group as bargaining chips, is unknown. I'm assuming they were never there in the first place or the besieging forces had some SERIOUS gaps in their lines.
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