• Mixtape.moe shutting down
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Mixtap was too good to stay alive...
Was my go to image host for years- a lot of internet posts are about to lose a lot of context
So that's why malwarebytes was always crying about it when browsing LMAO pics. Missed out on highly rated content too.
Yeah, every AV I've had so far that could block web content blocked that site. They didn't bother to sanitize anything/truncate extra data which resulted in plain images with embedded malicious code. Meaning anyone could just post a picture of a kitten with crap in it to give you a nice, friendly, fuzzy piece of malware. Like why would you not do that??
Mixtape was my go-to method of uploading quick small video clips from games. I'm glad I found Streamable before this happened at least.
It's been on various malware blocklists for a couple of years by this point too I think. After adding a few more aggressive ones to my uBlock and then my Pi-Hole no devices on my network have been able to even hit mixtape. This is just the nature of trying to run a laissez-faire upload site, you're going to get blocked by almost every anti-malware platform out there. I dunno if it was just a location based thing, but their servers always seemed to have atrocious speeds for me when i was able to hit their site.
Yeah, they ended up having to seriously throttle video files because they were being used for sports clips (or something) that tons of people were viewing on Reddit. They were a good site though, I've been using them for years as well. Also uhhh congratulations @Reagy you win
Well shit, I was using mixtape to host videos I was simulcasting with my friends. And I got IP banned from catbox.moe for copyrighted material, so that sucks too. Anyone know of a good alternative that's not catbox?
I'm surprised they lasted this long when they never served ads or had any other form of funding besides donations.
all my general ingame media posts
Always used mixtape.moe to rehost images etc, shame to hear its shutting down
rip, though not really unexpected. They had trouble getting funds for a while now. How else would they make money of hosting stuff that gets linked directly anyway?
What's wrong with Catbox? It's even owned by a FP'er.
catgirlsare.sexy will always be my host of choice until it dies
The stuff I'd been uploading was copyrighted, but so old that I'd assumed it wasn't being policed. Since I could find most of it on YouTube and Dailymotion, that just reinforced my belier. I ended up being wrong and I can't in good conscience say I won't be working with copyrighted material anymore, so I won't screw them over by appealing for an unbanning.
I thought you used your own?
meanwhile.rocks died 3 years ago
Surprised it's survived this long since it knowingly hosted malicious content.
The name instantly made me dislike it back when people started using it when Filesmelt died
And this is precisely why I asked that awesome owner of catbox.moe to help me set up my own personal file-server a few years ago. Because Mixtape is just one in a line of similar hosts that I had used over the years, all of which had gone tits up and caused me to lose years' worth of uploaded files. As crappy as it is, if you ever want your uploads to exist for posterity (RE: more than a year), then I highly discourage using any free unrestrained uploading sites, like pomf clones. They're simply too volatile and, by their nature, they can't be self-sustaining. It's better to either use a paid service where your subscription directly goes into keeping the service up, or better yet, to take the dive and rent out a box to host it yourself.
I'm still in 2013 using imgur.
I just became a Patreon too. Such a shame, I loved this website
So much porn will be lost
Are there any good places to learn more about renting a box like that?
DigitalOcean provides pretty good tutorials on doing that. Note: you don't have to use their hosting to do this. Personally I use hetzner.de, their CX21 cloud server should be more than enough to run seafile or owncloud https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-sync-and-share-your-files-with-seafile-on-ubuntu-18-04
Shame, I use it to pass school work between computers. That said, I'll never use it for anything I want to keep in the long-term. I've seen too many hosting sites go tits up with little warning. It's a public file host, malicious content is a given. Only the user is liable if they download dhfrey.exe and it turned out to be a virus.
It was more than just shady executables as I posted further up. People were embedding malware in basic images, hidden after all the image data at the end of the file, and unlike most sites where you can host images, mixtape.moe didn't do anything to truncate that data. Knowing that, it probably also didn't scrub any personally identifiable info like GPS data and other such from phone photos if those features were enabled when the picture was taken. Imagine visiting a forum thread on Facepunch, like LMAO pics for example to have a laugh and WHOOPS you've got ransomware or some shitty keylogger or what the fuck ever. Or someone now knowing exactly where you live because you forgot to strip that data manually yourself.
ShareX + Imgur = image capture and uploading in 5 seconds, it's pretty sweet.
What I mean by knowingly is that they did no serverside checks on if it was malicious or not, something pretty much every hosting site but them will do. Also the problem was with malicious code in images and video, not exes.
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