• Facing paycuts, Lyft and Uber drivers prepare to strike
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rip my ability to get to work on time It's good they are looking to unionize but not going to lie I'm not lpooking forward to the 50%-100% rate hikew we are probably going to see to compensate.
Oh hey look; the thing that Taxi Drivers did decades ago is happening again. Who could've seen that coming.
If UBI became a thing and they paid their drivers that little, wouldn’t they just end up with no drivers at all?
No? UBI was never intended to replace a lack of work, even if some people on here think its a brilliant way to do so. Also, you seem forget waiters are a thing.
No! because UBI isn't meant to be lived off of its meant to provide enough to prevent people from becoming destitute without complete employment.
From what I understood, gas expenses killed any profit you would otherwise have made.
And yet again we see the completion of the cycle that is "silicon valley rediscovers concept that the rest of the world already established decades ago".
If UBI becomes a thing most companies would probably be paying their workers less.
A 4% retention rate after a year pretty much means "you will run out of good drivers sooner rather than later", how long do you think Uber can last like that?
That's fairly optimistic. Considering we have corporations now abusing the welfare system currently and people can barely make it by.
Most of the world doesn't practice whatever you call the bullshit that's supposed to be a waiter wage in the US.
Most if the world is still suffering from wage inequality so my point still stands.
Always found it interesting how Taxi companies and things like Uber and Lyft always have the same problem. Which is either: Charging a fuckload for a short trip which makes people use Uber and so on because it's actually affordable. or Being so cheap that the drivers barely can afford to make a profit. There must be a middle ground? In Norway the Taxi industry is actually pretty much slowly dying, they charge more and more because people don't wanna deal with the insane prices, and the few people that use it reguarly have to pay more and it turns into this vicious cycle. I had to pay 45 dollars for a 5 minute drive after a night of drinking and it isn't sustainable. So i'd rather use Uber that charged me 9 dollars (approx.) for a 5 minute drive before they were outlawed. However that is wayyyy to cheap and I'm wondering myself how the fuck people are supposed to make money.
It's called government ran public transport. It works very well in countries where it hasn't been gutted by the tories/otherwise starved to death by the respective conservative party.
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