• You can finally change your PSN name- first time it's free, $10/$5 PS+ after
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https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/04/10/online-id-change-on-psn-your-questions-answered/ It's out of beta and up for everyone. We do want to take this opportunity to clarify one point – as a result of the preview program, we’ve found an instance where a game did not fully support the feature, even though it was originally published after April 1, 2018, contrary to what we mentioned in our original announcement. All PS4 games originally published on or after April 1, 2018 have been developed to support the online ID change feature. However, since they have not all been specifically tested with the feature, we cannot guarantee that they will support it. For more details and information, we encourage you to refer to the list of tested games before making a change to your online ID. Do keep in mind that the large majority of most actively played PS4 games support the feature. Q: Do I have to pay to change my ID? How much will it cost? The first change is free, and changes after that will cost $9.99 USD / CAD. For PlayStation Plus members, it will cost $4.99 USD/ CAD for each change after the first one.
I've been very excited to change this as it's my full first and last name (thanks 13 year old me). Though, I just checked where they said you could change it, and I still can't.
Isn't that like facepunch
a full generation behind Xbox I see
Exact same thing on my end. Went to my profile on the Sony site, logged in and there's no "Edit" button next to the "Online ID" part of the form. There's Edit buttons for everything else however.
I'm not defending the price but it's also $10 for Xbox Live, so it's kind of standard. At least they're giving the first name change for free.
being able to freely change your name on steam is one of my favourite features of any game platform.
Yeah, years ago. There are name filters now.
its about goddamn time, now i can change the terrible username i picked out for myself when i was 14 and dummy stupid
Whoever design sonys user database probably should be allowed near computers again. There's no real reason it should have ever worked like this.
Would've been nice before I made an entirely new account.
The first hit's always free, kids.
Tried it on the website and on my console during lunch. Not working yet?
They've upgraded from stone slabs and chisels to those compressed air tube things they use at the bank. Probably gonna stick to my old shitty name because I play some of the games that have bugs with it. Given the issues present it sounds like they just threw a bandaid fix on without fixing the center of the problem.
Does this effect DLC at all? If I lose anything I paid money for I'm not using this feature even though I've been waiting ages for it.
Some context for anyone wondering why this is true: For some odd reason, Sony registered content and data to the account's username (i.e your PSN name) and not a unique hash/ID like literally everyone else does to prevent issues like this. They're warning about potential content loss etc because of this (because their tools, which were used to design and build games, can't handle a unique ID instead of the username).
That would work for system level stuff, but the issue is old games that have been programmed with only the old PSN id in mind. Games would need to be updated to support the new display name. Another option would be to always expose the new display name as the PSN id for games that are using an old version of the api/library (which is what I think they are doing). The issue with that though is that some games probably have been using the old PSN id as a unique identifier themselves for storing data. So if that changes, you can no longer access whatever is stored on the game servers. I wonder what'll happen if you change your name and then someone else changes to the name you used to have. I wonder if some games will then give that user your old data
so they probably fixed it by unlinking what gets displayed and what is internal, a la a username except not referenced anywhere visible anymore if you change your display name
I would change my name, but I'm MightyLOLZOR pretty much everywhere, and changing it at this point would just be confusing.
Xbox gives the first change for free, too.
My standard name for every other service I'm on is taken still. Can't do my common variants either. Makes it hard to feel like myself on PlayStation
Q: What happens to my old online ID? Can someone else take it? No, your old online ID is only available to you. Name availability is about to rocket to the floor. Snap up UwpgPGLE432 while you still can, kids!
I feel like this is exactly why they're doing this and charging for it
You use the free name change to change your name from a randomly generated one. It's practically used to actually pick the name you want
god why doesn't every system like this just do what steam does. give them all a number then let them change their name to anything they like whenever smh
That's a weird suggestion. How would Sony make money?
Like everything else involving online play on consoles; Look at Microsoft. Blame them.
FFS I wanted "Spicy" in my new name but it's apparently not allowed due to it containing to word "Spic"
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