• JUUL E-Cigarettes Vaping Causes Cell Damage, According to New Research
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https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2019-04/uoc--jec040919.php https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acs.chemrestox.8b00381
(I'm not too sure about this, but googling around seems to confirm my belief so anyone that knows better can correct me) Don't JUULs also have an obnoxious amount of nicotine in them? As in, more than a usual cigarette? You can take tar and nasty chemicals out of a cigarette but you've then substituted that for a heavy seasoning of the thing that's going to get you addicted. I fail to understand why these are so popular.
Some JUUL flavor pods have sufficiently high concentrations of flavor chemicals that may make them attractive to youth I really hate this argument. Kids aren't using these for the flavor, they're using them because they blast you with nicotine. It's not like once you become an adult, you no longer want to consume sweet things like candy.
I used to smoke quite a bit, moved to vaping and it's made my life better. There's no way in hell that Vaping is safe, but at the same time it's a lot safer than smoking (in the long run) Just some info about how ridiculously strong Juuls are: I smoked ~7 cigarettes a day, When I moved to vaping, I mixed the liquid to a ratio of 3-5MG/ML of nicotine. This sated my cravings for them, and since it's a somewhat low amount, I can work down at any point. Juuls are mixed to a ratio of 59MG/ML How incredibly strong is that? Cigarettes contain about 12MG of nicotine Quick maths: 5 cigarettes worth of nicotine in each puff?
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They do have a lot of nicotine in them, yeah. Still, nicotine itself isn't dangerous - it's the carcinogens in the smoke that make cigarettes so dangerous. E-cigs are still going to irritate the lungs a bit, but it's hard to overstate how much better it is to use e-cigs than to smoke cigarettes. If you're able to quit both entirely, that's even better, but I worry that the hysteria over e-cigarette use could end up causing more harm in the long run as it may dissuade people from sticking to them, instead going back to actual tobacco.
Except, the flavors do make it more attractive for kids lol. It's a hook to get you on the line. Tobacco companies use menthol flavor, for example, to target African-Americans. E-Cig producers 100% know what they're doing. It makes the Juuls seem less like smoking, more fun, flavorful. You get hooked just not on nicotine, but also the flavoring.
my friend let me rip his and it gave me a nicotine buzz right away, they're nasty and hurt your lungs even with the flavors, but the buzz is what i'd imagine gets most people along with how cheap and easy they are to obtain.
Am I wrong or was this just testing in vitro?
You answered your own question by mentioning the extreme nicotine content in them. (A pod is about equivalent to a pack of cigarettes)
According the the abstract; The purpose of this study was to determine flavor chemical and nicotine concentrations in the eight currently marketed pre-filled JUUL EC cartridges (“pods”) and to evaluate the cytotoxicity of the different variants (e.g., “Cool Mint” and “Crème Brulee”) using in vitro assays. ...the concentrations of nicotine and some flavor chemicals (e.g. ethyl maltol) are high enough to be cytotoxic in acute in vitro assays, emphasizing the need to determine if JUUL products will lead to adverse health effects with chronic use. So I'd assume so but I can't access the full paper to double check.
I thought e-cigs were invented for helping people transition off cigs, I didn't notice that it had becomes it's own thing until the Vape Nash video. I don't get the appeal really.
I never really see people that vape because "its cool" anymore I have a friend who still smokes cigarettes and has a juul, though. We were roasting him the other day for that
Flavored and "candy" cigarettes were designed to make tobacco products appealing to kids though, candy e-cigarettes are just a resumption of that tactic now that it's illegal to sell traditional smokes to minors. When the US banned flavored cigarettes, among other tactics of selling nicotine to children, youth smoking dropped to less than half what it was.
vaping isn't safe vaping is however significantly safer than smoking menthol flavours are bad i figured we knew all of these things
The report also says that JUUL is the only brand they tested where the nicotine levels were insanely high. Other e-cig brands by this logic seem to be better. So basically, if you're looking to get into vaping in order to move away from smoking, stay the fuck away from JUUL. Also, don't bother with JUUL anyway. As someone who used to vape, not only are they overpriced as fuck, but the charges on their batteries barely last, and the draw on them sucks ass.
my lungs and throat certainly feel better after switching from smoking to vaping
Honestly vapes might have a positive effect in the short to medium term, but if in the long term they cause a massive increase in nicotine use among minors there could come a time when the cost benefit starts to flip.
The kids prefer sweet flavors; so does everyone. I'm not doubting that they're preferred. Yes, because they were directly marketed to children. I really don't think it's comparable now that advertising to children is explicitly forbidden, as is advertising on most mediums children would be exposed to them via (i.e. tv). Kids are getting exposed to these things via other kids, not because of a marketing team.
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Nobody's saying that kids are going "OH MY GOD I LOVE MANGO SO MUCH I WILL CONSUME ANYTHING THAT HAS MANGO GIVE ME MANGO ME WANT MANGO" Rather, the candy/fruit flavoring makes the product seem much less dangerous and far more appealing when children are presented with the product. It doesn't matter who presents the product to the children, because the product itself is inherently more attractive to children when they are presented with it.
That shit shouldn't be legal. I thought the 18mg/ml I tend to go for was excessive, but jesus christ. That's purely for the sake of getting people hooked on it like crack.
Most people I know who vape detest JUULs, and that's a lot of people considering I work at a vape shop. Not only because of the absurd amount of nicotine, but the absurd price. Think about it like this: A pack of JUUL pods contains 2.8mL of juice total, and the MSRP is $16.95 I believe. If you have a device similar to the JUUL (let's say the Smok Novo, same vacuum switch design and uses disposable pods), you're gonna have to buy your own juice. However, juice for that tends to be in 30mL bottles for 10-20 dollars. That's over 10 times as much e-liquid for equal to or lower price. JUUL's are a total scam. PLUS THE ABSURD AMOUNT OF NICOTINE. They're mixed at a 5% ratio, which equals to 50 milligrams per milliliter. At 0.7mL per pod, thats 35mg of nicotine, which is equal to 3 whole cigarettes. Now, to give them a chance, a lot of older adults using JUUL's tend to make them last all day, or at least a good amount of hours. But the issue here rises with young and (eugh) underage people using them, who go through the WHOLE POD in just a few hours. Nicotine on it's own is fairly addictive, but not as addictive as you'd think since the main addiction from cigarettes comes from the 3000 other chemicals in them. I personally have never smoked a day in my life, and I just like getting people off of smoking. Working in a vape shop, it's impossible to avoid nicotine, so I vape 2 or 3mg juices pretty frequently and have for about 10 months now, and still haven't developed an addiction. If I were vaping 35mg of nicotine every few hours, NO SHIT I WOULD HAVE AN ADDICTION. And with a JUUL, the cost is SIGNIFICANT. I can buy 100mL of normal juice for, like, 20 bucks, literally over 30 times the value, and that shit'll last me weeks even out of my cloud chucking devices. JUUL disgusts me, and anyone else who sees vaping as a viable and cost effective alternative to smoking.
I miss the days before vaping was a widespread thing, since now I can't use my inhaler without some jagoff saying "dude is that some kind of vape pen."
Would you say this is a good alternative for my mom who keeps buying shitty eBay units that break immediately? Basically I made her quit smoking in favor of e-cigs, but I'm pretty illiterate about it. Anything discreet is preferred.
I once met a chap who vaped one of those big cloud vapes, the long and short of his story was that he did it to quit smoking and started on high nicotine but he felt it wasn't the same. After fiddling with flavours and mixes he found he didn't need the nicotine, it was the habit of taking a puff that he wanted. So he got a thick cloud vape so he could really feel it breathing in. He says he takes less puffs and doesn't use nicotine at all.
Personally, yeah! They're fairly inexpensive, and since its a vacuum switch (you just draw air to fire it), its pretty painless to use to convert from cigarettes. My only real issue with it is actually that fact. If juice gets into the switch, it can start autofiring which isn't fun. If I were to choose anything right now, I'd probably go with the Orion Q from Lost Vape. Has pretty large and easy to fill pods, fairly inexpensive (about 24 bucks on Element Vape), and has a button that you press to fire it. Only thing you gotta do is make sure you order the right pods, since there are a few different types thanks to its bigger brother the Orion.
The Smoke Novo, Aspire Breeze 2, and Uwell Caliburn are all very good devices if you're looking to get something better than a JUUL. They're all mouth-to-lung, pocket sized, and well made. I have an Aspire Breeze 2 as my out-and-about device. A pack of coils runs me about $15 and lasts me for several weeks, and a bottle of nic salt juice runs about $15-$30 and lasts me similarly long. Compared to buying pods every five days for $15. That said at home I have my big 225 W direct-to-lung mod so I'm not using either device very heavily.
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