• EU to end brick-shaped truck cabs, saving lives and carbon emissions
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https://www.transportenvironment.org/sites/te/files/styles/main_image/public/media/20190308_pem%20motion-plain%20white%20sketches.jpg?itok=Llmikzi1 MEPs have today passed a law that will literally change the face of trucks in Europe – from brick-shaped cabs to rounder ones. Transport & Environment (T&E), which campaigned for the reform, said the new truck designs will save lives, carbon emissions and fuel. Today’s vote in the European Parliament follows agreement this morning between governments and MEPs on a ‘direct vision’ safety standard that will also enhance truck safety. Truck manufacturers will be able to lengthen the design of cabs by 80-90cm, but only if they use the space to provide better vision from the driver’s seat, improve aerodynamics, add new safety features and boost driver comfort. As a result, new truck cab designs in Europe are expected to include larger windscreens to see cyclists and pedestrians and have more streamlined bodies to reduce fuel use and pollution. The curved cabs should also better deflect pedestrians and cyclists in collisions – so that they do not go under the truck wheels. https://www.transportenvironment.org/press/eu-end-brick-shaped-truck-cabs-–-saving-lives-and-carbon-emissions
Looks futuristic, neet
And thus, Euro Truck Simulator was never the same.
They really need to make these hybrid/petrol. It can provide the torque whilst improving efficiency massively, especially considering the amount of regen you can get from them.
Fuck me I remember posting about this half a decade ago, wasn't expecting it to come back at this point
I'll miss the old bricks. They're a classic and timeless design. The new design looks like I'd hope future trucks look, so it's all good.
I like how one of the features is "someone might get horribly crippled if they get hit but at least they won't get pancaked under the truck wheels."
Where do the side mirrors go?
Probably like this https://www.teslarati.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/tesla-semi-1-e1539187374903.jpg
Having a completely flat front is really nice though, you can easily navigate around in tight spaces
The problem is weight. All the extra weight from the batteries and motors will cause the truck to not be able to carry as much. That, and a lot of stuff on trucks, at least american ones, are standardized and mostly interchangeable. Throwing some weird fuckery into the mix will make the trucks really unpopular with fleets. I experience this first hand because the fleet I work for uses mostly CNG trucks which are a nightmare because all the CNG specific parts have to be ordered and aren't off the shelf pieces.
Now the devs can make more dlc to provide updated trucks
I'd prefer a cowcatcher for my pedestrian deflecting needs personally.
Petrol is literaly the key into bankruptcy.
I think you might be confusing ETS with Train Simulator, all the trucks released for ETS (& ATS) are free.
More chrome is required before the US will be interested in it.
This and the Tesla electric semi are basically utilizing the same aerodynamic principle, however judging from the art they decided to stick with the traditional side-by-side cockpit layout, rather than putting the driver right in the middle where they have the best view of the road possible like Tesla has.
I was always jealous of the cabovers for being so much shorter and having such a flat front end. Makes backing in tight areas INFINITELY easier. Seeing down low isn't usually too much of a problem as long as you're keeping stock of your environment, but yes, you can EASILY lose a whole car under the nose on your blind side (thank fuck for the convex mirrors mounted to the hoods). It's why I adjust my seat to ride as high as possible. Some drivers low-ride it, which I never understood, because it limits your visibility so much. And yeah, you just plain can't drive these things without their mirrors. You're not backing or rounding the tandem axles around anything on the streets without being able to check back there and see you're not about to bend a light pole over. Guess the only concern I'd have for the design is that it kinda turns the front into a scoop. Rear-end a four-wheeler like that and you could end up with his back wheels in your windshield. Or hell, I remember the time I hit a big buck dear up in Missoula, MT. Our truck knocked him off into the woods after taking out the left headlight bank and fracturing the hood. I'd be slightly concerned if instead he got kneecapped and slid up into my face. But hey, no good changes lack their drawbacks.
i wonder if nigel farage can put a brexit spin on this story
Looks ugly.
Shame something like this would never happen in the US. I'd love to see the majority of those smog-pipes off the highways.
Dear God, petrol trucks... Some money on my desk just cried
https://i.pinimg.com/originals/15/f1/db/15f1db54e54296d4f8b7610f42b5e857.jpg Coming to a Britain near you!
Sweet. I assume this will include further regulations against blind spots. Trucks have been pretty terrifying on highways for way, way too long.
Honestly, I feel it's really down to the drivers. It may not seem like it, but with a proper modern mirror setup, you have some pretty impressive spacial awareness. There really ARE no blindspots in the Cascadia I drive aside from RIGHT next to the tractor on the blind side, and right behind. And the blindside issue is a non-issue if you bother to use the hood convex mirror, because it points STRAIGHT down the approach on that side. The tools are good, precise even. It's a matter of bothering to use them.
This is one of the things movie producers will use to tell the viewer without words that it takes place in pre-2020
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