• Disney reveals Disney+ launch lineup and devices
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https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/04/we-now-know-what-disney-will-look-like-plus-a-few-new-exclusive-series/ Lady and the Tramp live action remake, Marvel stuff, lots of Imagineering/behind the scenes stuff. They are "likely" bundling ESPN, Hulu and Disney+ together, but no price point was given.
Wow, they really ripped off Netflix's UI, huh?
The fact its only 6.99 is pretty impressive. Also all Simpsons from day 1
As good of a deal as that is, I'm still not sure I'm okay with Disney strong arming their way into the market over Netflix.
And if all of that content isn't enough, get a load of the Disney Channel content dump coming to Disney+: 5,000 episodes of that station's TV series and 100 of its original movies. Holy shit it's exactly what I'd wished they'd do but never dared to get my hopes up With that on top of every Simpsons episode, this may be the only split off streaming service so far that's actually worth paying for.
Animated: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/a75e9084-ae00-45ba-802a-9daf5849189b/1555026324460[1].png Live Action: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/af7695a0-59a1-46fc-813b-360cfe3f4af3/1555027387864[1].png Fox: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/fde96249-a51e-461b-8b64-82cab54cb33a/1555027538697[1].png
But will the have Halloween Town and Halloween Town II : Kalabars Revenge?
ya they now own the simpsons, family guy, american dad, the cleveland show, half of futurama, archer, batman the animated series, and bob's burgers. if they put all that in one place plus hulu its certainly worth it.
https://twitter.com/Disney/status/1116490792762138624 Here's the Simpsons sketch.
Are the Pixar shorts going to be included as well? (Not original shorts created for the service, I mean the currently existing theatrical shorts)
Pretty sure WB owns Batman the Animates Series
every episode except Stark Raving Dad
Guess I'll just have to pirate that episode
It will have every Disney Channel Original Movie, so yes.
Wake me up when Disney+ get these classic cartoons on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdBYmk4dfLE
But what about Song of the South
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/369822531118432260/566065994561224704/aabf7c72-5d82-46a6-b64f-b1551d67b007.mp4 I guess this is owned by Disney now
I mostly hyped for this because of the Pixar movies. Finally I get to relieve the best movies of my childhood.
I mean, those were available anyways, and now they'll be exclusive to Disney's streaming service, so that's sort of a downside.
People making their own streaming services is great and fine by me, but man with all the streaming services I am paying for the benefits are starting to run dry. Just to watch the shows and movies I want to be able to watch now it's like paying for cable TV all over again. The monetary benefits from switching to cable to on demand streaming have basically ended.
It will be for those who don't want to have multiple subscriptions. I see now that Disney+ is really going to be the new thing to shake up the streaming wars. Netflix has lead the industry up until now with its original content and exclusives. Now with Disney having its whole library up for grabs in addition to new programming, all these big media companies will be more inclined to focus more on original content and maintaining their own libraries.
If they put It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on there I may actually sign up, otherwise I don't see much long term value in it for me, asides from The Simpsons.
Their plan is to put the adult/general audience stuff on Hulu instead, now that Disney owns 60% in stock after acquiring Fox.
all worth it to be able to stream garfield on demand
Who the fuck decided Garfield and Horton should be on there along with all those undisputed classics Could they not come up with anything better?
ya you're right but apparently fox owns the rights to the 1960s show, the movie and batman TAS was paid for by fox and aired on fox kids originally, which is why its listed on fox's animation page.
Useless to me in Canada but that makes sense to do I suppose...
I noticed a lot of the animated movies in that selection are already on Netflix. I wonder if they'll take them down at some point.
We don't need more streaming services, we need less.
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