• Anonymous Millionaire Planning 100-Person 'Battle Royale' Event on Private Islan
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Even though I hate the trend of battle Royale video games, this actually sounds like a lot of fun haha
Someone call General Zaroff.
What the fuck is this website https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1383/a0d25ed2-640a-43f6-9058-fbb57063ff12/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1383/eb686489-a70f-41d8-9afa-3416bd61da4e/image.png Is this what rich people spend their money on when they are bored Luxury Shopping Marketplace, Millionare Shop | HushHush.com
Every time I hear about stupid shit millionaires are doing I think about that song by Aerosmith
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/246855/5d6e30f4-d35e-43bd-8806-17a2abd9c862/image.png I'm no hardcore socialist, but seeing these guys preach about progressive values while selling gold-studded garbage to the 1% makes me physically cringe.
"31st March" ???
Imagine its going to be like fyre festival The loots are not properly placed, and when the participants arrive, there are still construction going around probably a ball pit in the middle of nowhere as well
It's in March in the UK.
Sign me the fuck up.
And about a year ago they were selling cheap iPhones, vacuum cleaners and mattresses. https://web.archive.org/web/20180330143437/http://www.hushhush.com/ So many bells and red flags are going off right now. https://media.tenor.com/images/cd0d0b695e1716de3b1930e141d25525/tenor.gif Do. Not. Spend. Your. Money. Here.
I probably read this at least once a month. Wonder if the organizers would appreciate someone strapping knives to saplings.
But I want the perfect gift for mothers day for a mom, or maybe a dad, who needs a $60k candle holder.
I don't think the escort site has anything to do with this, it was based in Raleigh North Carolina. The iPhone site and the current HushHush could be on in the same as both were based in UK, but hard to say. As I was digging around I also found some lorum ipsum on their contact page... how do you fuck that up. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/227365/50660707-0c8c-4d38-af21-c509525ad2f8/image.png
Hey thanks man I was about to drop a couple mill, saved my finances in the nick of time
Oh thank god, that scared the bejesus out of me. My mom's about to leave rehabilitation and I would die of guilt knowing I couldn't say happy birthday (I called and asked if they would buy they didn't) and I missed mother's day.... WHEW I did see her yesterday though and she's doing very well.
That Rubik's cube is exactly the sort of thing I'd buy if I was super-mega-ultra rich.
For the that price I'd pay for a house sized cube
What the fuck though https://www.oxmag.co.uk/articles/million-air/ Stupidest thing I've ever heard
What the shit.... https://www.hushhush.com/product/aircraft/helicopters/agusta-bell-412/
What's to stop someone from shooting at you once they've been shot though and fucking up your run?
Wow I'm amazed, maybe we'll be in the news for the amazing investigative journalism and it'll be enough to save facepunch
I don’t think anyone ACTUALLY rich buys from that millionaire shop. It one of those “wow look what rich people totally do, come join in and be rich too” ideas. Similar to cruise ships
wouldn't be problem with real guns
that millionaire site is clearly just a shitty dropshipping site that's been made up to look like a fancy luxury store their goal is probably to perpetually advertise their site until someone stupid and rich enough buys a single unit of anything on the site over the next 5 years and make their investment + massive profit back.
You have to expect that people will surrender upon defeat, such as in Paintball, Airsoft or Laser Tag.
I assume when there's money involved like this aswell that people can remain decent?
I remember there was a similar piece of news, way back about some Russian (?) millionaire wanting to host hunger games in some god forsaken place (Siberia perhaps) with actual killing. Anyone else can remember that ?
Just as I was about to buy myself a $890 house, I noticed that the checkout page came pre-filled with someone else's details: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132487/bd7ce8dc-871b-4bfe-aca6-92b0bdfe320a/hmmm.png Tried it again multiple times, sometimes you get different identities, sometimes you get nothing. I would not recommend entering any sensitive information into the site.
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