• Nepal Bans PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
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eh feels like a pretty tacky attempt to tackle a social problem.
People may be happy that a overpopulated game, like Fortnite or PUBG gets banned, but this isn't something to be happy of. It's pretty bad infact. I don't play any Battleroyale games, but I think banning games because they are "addictive to kids" is dumb. Who knows, your favorite game you love might be next.
they should ban shitty parenting instead
ad american parents are better than Nepalese parents how?
That's not how you solve addiction problems.
where the fuck did I say that at all? banning a video game is stupid when its the parents that should be doing something about it. They're the ones that are giving the kids unrestricted access to phones/computers and not bothering to do anything about it. The article says parents are 'concerned' but they could, ya know, limit access to the devices. This is a worldwide issue with pubg, fortnite, and any popular game. And any addiction.
I don't know... we banned heroin here ages ago and now we get films like 'Trainspotting' in which young adults have replaced their addiction with hanging around train stations. I haven't actually seen the film but I am assured that my assumptions about its plot are valid.
Shitty parenting is a universal concept that transcends nations, mate.
Why are we assuming this? I would say, parents all around where ever could be to blame to help their children stop their addiction or what not. But this isnt about what country parenting is better than x.
Treating the symptom, not the problem
ban kids
Now they're going to set up illegal gaming set-ups with VPNs in the back of inconspicuous furniture stores that are used as fronts.
Ban casinos, alcohol, cigarettes, reality TV, vaping pens, computers, gaming consoles, knitting, television altogether, weed, pain killers, stamps, coffee, soft drinks, food, music, gyms... See how fucking stupid it is?
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