• 2nd Falcon Heavy launch 100% a success
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https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/04/falcon-heavy-ready-for-its-second-attempt-at-a-second-flight/ The video's really cool too. T:-0:10 at 19:45 on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXMGu2d8c8g
Nothing beats watching these come down and land. Beyond magical tbh.
I actually teared up when I saw the two boosters come down together on the first launch, lmao.
nothing blows my mind more than seeing the absolute speed these things are traveling in orbit. Awe inspiring seeing the boosters land.
take that jews
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First private mission about to land to the Moon Pretty sure that post was a reference to this maybe?
I think it probably was. I'm really not too pleased about him being banned for that as it was clearly a sarcastic joke not meant to be taken seriously.
They're lieing to us. The Somali pirates demand a ransom for your booster
i guess they need some lock to keep them from moving after landing
They do have a robot that drives under the booster and latches on to try to hold it down. From the sounds of it however it isn't compatible with the Falcon Heavy Centre Core. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/558/32fc5317-a8e4-4588-9100-eaef38d828b8/image.png
Maybe the center core's increased weight due to how it has to support the side boosters means that robot can't do it.
Ah I should have clarified, I believe the little grabby arms on Octograbber try to hold onto the same holddowns that are used at launch. Except on launch the Centre Core is only held down at 2 points due to the side boosters being in the way of the normal F9 holddowns.
That seems like a pretty big setback tbh - you wanna tear down that stage to see how it handled reentry. Are they gonna retrieve the center core for that national security mission (isn’t that the next one they’re doing?)?
Thread title not looking so hot now
Hey! The launch itself was successful so I think I'm still on good legal grounds here!
On Facepunch, getting banned is part of the punchline
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