• Powerball winner, 90, sues son, claims jackpot was poorly invested
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Money fever really turns people mad.
Something like over 70% of lottery winners end up bankrupt.
I won 50k In the lottery a year ago, and It strained relationships with people I didn't expect because I didn't want to spend the money on them. I can't imagine what life is like for people who win millions. You're something like 3x more likely to be killed by a family member or friend, suicide rates are above the already high national average. For a lot of people, the lottery is probably the worst thing to ever happen to them.
Forgive me if I sound like I'm prying , but I really want to hear some of the stories of what it did to your social life/family life winning a lottery like that
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As many have said, if you win the lottery, your best recourse is just to never tell anyone, ever. You also can't suddenly buy amazingly fancy things like a mansion or a nice sports car or people will just find out as well and start going after you.
I play the lottery whenever it gets big enough for me to bother with and I've told close friends and family for years that if I ever win "the big one" I'm changing my name and vanishing—they'll never see me again. I'll send anonymous life update letters to my parents and grandparents because they've done a lot for me and have never asked for one single thing in return, everyone else can fuck off though.
Were you not able to claim anonymously or did you not realize how people turn into ghouls when they learn you have money?
Still though i think id rather chance my family becoming demanding over not having 200m
Honestly if I ever won and had a family member try anything with me to get some of my money, they'd know exactly who they can fuck. (Themselves of course) Fortunately for me though I have a solid relationship with most of my family members, so I don't believe then it'd ever really pose a problem.
I barely told anyone about it and claimed it through my lawyer. So I'm not sure who let it slip. But my cousin found out and begged me for money, told her no and she started making some wild accusations about me. Called some local companies that use my trucking company to try and fuck over my business. Luckily she didn't do too much damage. A friend of mine wanted me to pay off all her school and car debt. I told her it's not my responsibility and she called me a selfish asshole, how I only care about my self etc. I consider myself a pretty selfless guy, I work my ass off to provide for my mother and a few nonprofits in my city, while living a pretty comfortable life myself. They think since Im Already comfortable I didn't need nor deserve the winnings. They both make okay money, they're just terrible with spending and ai refuse to give them a get out of jail free card.
Dude you sound like the type of guy that only deserves good things. Sorry you dealt with that.
Essentially they just showed their true colours to you, pretty disgraceful. 50k isn't even a lot anyway, its best to not even spend it and let it grow interest in a savings account but people clearly don't understand this.
Look at the bright side, you won 50Gs and get to learn who to cut off from your life. I dont get why anybody would expect you to spend your winnings on their own personal debts.
What's this "interest" you speak of? I have to pay $100 a year to save my 40k, and I don't get any interest.
What's even more nuts is that 50k isn't even that much money in the grand scheme of things for people to start begging you for it. I'd just tell people I already invested it all or put it towards a house or something.
Depends where you're saving it, banks in the UK have savings accounts where once you put money into them you can only take out X amount per year from it and they give you a % in interest each month or year you keep over X amount in them. They're designed for hoarding large sums of money, they're accounts banks use to basically fund loans etc.
My bank only has 2 types of accounts that give rent. One gives 1% but only lets you insert $200 a month, and the other one locks your money to the bank for a set period of time, 0,2% if you lock it for a year, 1% if you lock it for 5 years. You can't deposit or withdraw until the account has expired.
I put it all into my business right away. After taxes and fees, it was like 2/3 the amount. And for some people it's a life changing amount of money so their perception might be scewed to be fair. It's a nice bonus now, but it would of meant the world to me 5 years ago when I was really struggling making 20k a year. I would of helped, I understand the stress of debt, but how rude they were killed it for me.
here in sweden we dont get the luxury
Nah that's how most basic savings accounts work here too. They really aren't great if you're looking to grow some money in a meaningful way, but it doesn't hurt to chuck whatever you can into one. There's really a hierarchy to what you save in and how much you save in it, these accounts are fairly low down usually because of the low interest rates compared to proper stocks or bonds investments. Of which I really should work out how to get in to.
I don't bother with the lottery, not only because the chances of me winning anything of value are astronomical, but also I'd probably be fucked if I ever won. Here's a good run down of what to expect and your best course of action if you ever do win: Winning the Lottery is Very Dangerous (A Practitioner's Guide) Also I think in Connecticut you have to publicly declare if you win so you can't claim anonymously, so good luck not getting stalked.
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