• Police in Mississippi forced to re-tire after thieves steal wheels.
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https://www.wtvy.com/content/news/Someone-is-stealing-wheels-off-of-police-cruisers-in-Mississippi-508324591.html I couldn't resist the title.
I'm tired of these puns
Gotta be pretty ballsy to steal wheels off a cop car.
Shit just got Wheel.
How would they chase them? Its the perfect crime.
By running
All jokes until they get caught doing it and the cops pump em full of holes.
Cops gonna have a wheely hard time getting to them without tires.
I could see this being part of some elaborate mission impossible style bank heist.
I'll probably make a pun then aswell relating to bullet holes, I expect people to be disappointed by a joke being made when someone dies but it's a risk I'm willing to take for the team.
It's not totally stupid co sjdering the fact that they probably disable the alarm system because of thieves they may have locked in the back. Quite an easy steal
You're a brave man, may you be a shining beacon for us all.
Pick up a wheel gun
These cops really need to get a grip, they can always acquire more wheels
Can we get an ETA on that pun? The wait is killing me.
Sorry, I haven't got the time to figure it out.
Seems i rolled passed the point of being able to make a pun. wait a minute...
Ordinarily, you would have to be pretty ballsy to steal a police car. It kinda stands out. No real point in putting in an alarm, especially since its just another failure point. And often stealing wheels is done to sell them for cash. Police cars have steelies, which are not worth shit, and their tires are nothing special. Its obviously somebody trying to fuck with the PD, or slow them down.
12 years old and already talking about drive-bys smh
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