• Geoff Keighley- Inf Ward/Respawn founder Jason West has joined Epic
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https://www.vg247.com/2019/04/12/infinity-ward-respawn-co-founder-jason-west-joined-epic-games-report/ https://twitter.com/geoffkeighley/status/1116715991088627714
call of fortnite now in development
Black Ops???
Well, hopefully they'll make something good. who am i kidding
Seeing a good dev or devteam go to Epic hurts me more than the same going to EA, for some reason. EA is just infuriatingly stupid whenthey make a terrible decision, either because they tried to apply a shoddy formula to something that doesn't need it or from a monstrously mismanaged PR stunt. But there's this sense of genuine malice towards Steam and the proactive gamer community when you hear of something bad coming from Epic. It's like, EA is de facto more destructive just from how long it's been going, but the up-and-coming Epic has the potential to massively fuck the industry up for all of us.
Titanfortnite.... actually that might not be the worst thing in the universe.
Oh my god. This is how they're gonna fught Steam in the long run. They're gonna have this guy make a killer FPS for the EGS, and people will come flocking.
I guess in the end EA is stupid greedy, while epic is maliciously greedy.
I dunno, I feel like they hired him just for the sake of it rather than for a big new plan Epic cancelled literally every other first party developed games and they dont really seem committed to making a new game with the whole exclusive buyout thing
I want to say that this could lead to something good, but Epic's track record when it comes to games lately has been less than solid. Unreal Tournament Any part of Fortnite that isn't Battle Royale Paragon Their track record is subpar when it comes to this.
Someones goes for where they think the money is, how surprising.
West wasn't in game development for years, he didn't leave Respawn for Epic, the title is misleading
honestly I really enjoyed the unreal tournament remake, it was just sad that the playerbase was dead, and tbh I spent more than enough hours in fortnite to call it shit. the handling of paragon shutting down was really good too, refunds to people who bought stuff in it, releasing all the assets for free to anyone developing a UE4 game
And having just one half of the IW/Respawn founders isn't going to fix that any time soon. I was wondering if it was a fame-hire, something they could show off to the shareholders and market to the public (that cares at least) a bit. But they've kept this all very quiet. Perhaps they're hoping he can at least give them some direction for a future title, but one man rarely changes the entire course of a business like that.
Save the World has still been getting active development. It slowed down after BR exploded since they split the team off, but it's not dead by any means.
This hire probably doesn't mean much of anything honestly. He's been out of gamedev since 2010, and I doubt this means Epic is gonna make something different. They've already got pretty much all development hands on deck for Fortnite. As much as I would hope for a reboot of something like Unreal (as in not just UT), I don't think Epic is gonna bother until Fortnite starts declining. Of course, this will certainly cause some headlines. Nothing gets fanboys to fanboy like "CO-FOUNDER OF RESPAWN, WHO MADE APEX, NOW WORKS FOR EPIC, WHO MADE FORTNITE"
I want to reread this in 15 years and laugh with my future knowledge of how EA crashed the entire gaming industry somehow and it was the catalyst for the economic recession that spiralled into ww3.
We're going to blame EA; but its really all of the AAA and Indie market just flooding it with games.
Probably just Fortnite, actually. That's what literally 100 percent of their developers are already working on, since they canned development on all of their other games. Epic and Fortnite might be the most extreme case of putting eggs into one basket that we've seen in the industry in a long while. I hope this seriously burns them. Like for real, I want Epic to fucking crash for what they've done and what they're going to keep doing. It's clear they're not going to change their ways until they're forced to. So let's pray that the Fortnite bubble pops, and soon.
Only thing missing is the building. Cod is already casual af
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