• Why Ecuador ended asylum for 'spoiled brat' Julian Assange
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https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/why-ecuador-ended-asylum-spoiled-brat-julian-assange-n993711 The dramatic end to Julian Assange's asylum has sparked curiosity about his seven-year stay inside Ecuador's Embassy in London that was marked by his late-night skateboarding, the physical harassment of his caretakers and even the smearing of his own fecal matter on the walls of the diplomatic mission. Hmmm, I think two them is a lot sounded like smears, while the last one is improbable, by the Ecuadorian's then-recent new president had gonna make him a animal.
I mean he smears shit on world politics for a living, so an embassy is small potatoes in comparison.
That seems insane, even for somebody who has not always been the most stable person. I wonder if it was not being able to leave the embassy for so long that caused him to go a bit mad?
I mean he already looks like a crazy hobo now, smearing shit is only par for the course.
Sounds more like a smear campaign to me; for someone like Julian Assange, either he truly went mad and thought he could get away with it forever, or there's a lot more behind the scenes they're not letting us know.
I'm not buying it
Right, and I bet he also ate at least twelve babies for each meal during his stay.
what did they do with the embassy cat
idk, I'ma stick with what the onion reported: https://www.theonion.com/cackling-julian-assange-disintegrates-into-lines-of-cod-1833977866
Can't imagine what it's like to be Assange right now. Looking at either a pretty hefty time in prison if he gets extradited, or the 'ol polonium treatment if the Russians decide there's a potential he knows too much. People don't really buy the crazy shit smearing longboard-riding stuff, but I kinda' do. He's probably been watching his time with something even remotely resembling freedom tick down for the past few years, knowing that even among the people with political power who he has courted, none of them are the touchy-feely types who wouldn't throw him away like an old sock the moment he ceases being useful.
Do we have a reason why embassy staff, as well as the former president of Ecuador (who didn't want him expelled) would be making up lies about Assange?
There have been articles and examples of his horrible behavior for months, if you think this is a conspiracy you're typing with both eyes shut.
Him being mentally ill isn't a long shot considering his living conditions for the past 7 years.
Him being a disposable puppet after being compromised by the russians isn't a long shot either.
He's a total sellout who betrayed his own values but the shit smearing thing just seems like a total lie. That's pretty depraved behaviour and not something I see someone like him doing.
I get the feeling there's going to be a lot of "he did this" coming out now. Without definitive proof of anything it'll be difficult to make anything stick, and I'm not entirely sure an embassy will be willing to give up any footage from CCTV from inside of their building I mean Ozzy Osbourne did it but he was on roughly all the drugs
I don't doubt his horrible behavior, I can 100% believe he's an absolute dickhead, I just don't believe that he was literally smearing his own shit on the walls. Personally I believe it's about time that they kicked him out of the embassy, I just don't know why they seemingly fabricated a reason to do so.
it wasn't any one thing, it was a culmination of factors over several years. Beyond the mental instability and hygiene issues relayed by embassy staff (who I've yet to find a reason to discount out of hand) there was the issue that he was continuing his activism, going so far as to spread info on the current president of Ecuador, who already didn't seem particularly enamored with him. I'm interested to know what the people of Ecuador think about this. Was the question of what to do with Assange a notable one in their last election?
Thankfully there's plenty of people in this thread who know Julian Assange personally and can vouch that the behavior is 100% fake and obviously a conspiracy. You should be giving your expert testimony to the press.
Might I interest you in buying some tinfoil hats then?
Thats been since the Ecuadorian elections shifted the decision makers though, and obviously the information came through them. It's not unreasonable that they just wanted to dump him since the election and started seeding complaints since then to justify what they had planned.
I mean i support the man, but i'll believe he behaved that way. Seven years in what's effectively solitary confinement will do a number on you.
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