• China launches app to teach schoolkids socialist theory, "belief in the party"
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https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/08/asia/china-students-socialist-theory-app-intl/index.html https://twitter.com/jgriffiths/status/1115396482293747712
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This is as stupid as making an app that teaches you how to start an armed resistance against the bourgeoisie and naming it "How to be a Good Capitalist Citizen."
It even has a handy "gulag your family" button for when they tell you to get off the tablet.
China skipped the lesson where we learnt that you're not supposed to find dystopian novels inspiring.
Lessons on the platform -- run by the People's Daily, the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party -- include "I am Chinese," which introduces children to the country's "56 ethnic groups living in harmony," and "Building a well-off society." “Learn about our 56 ethic groups! Which we will soon trim down to a nice, socialist, easy to remember 50! like comment and subscribe or be sent to reeducation” God damn the Chinese people are fucked. I’m really grateful I’m on the other side of the planet from Xi. Even dealing with Donald Trump is infinitely better than this dystopian bullshit.
So do Chinese citizens actually buy this shit? I've heard of how hard China's government push their political agendas down people's throats, but do the people actually believe in it like say, North Korea? Or do they realize how bad it is like we do?
Though perhaps not indicative of the entire populace, it is startling to me how many Chinese Redditors dismiss criticism of their country by redirecting it as "CHINA SUPREME. LOOK HOW BAD AMERICA IS! Hahahahaha, we'll be #1 country soon." I think the government could shove the existence of unicorns down the throats of these people, as long as it has an exploitable nationalistic twinge to it. Nationalism is the most effective blindfold, so it doesn't really matter what the Chinese government says. They've already got their loyal band of followers. For example, I saw a post the other day that criticised the US' use of surveillance on the public, as if China definitely isn't a surveillance state. It's mad.
Same deal as the west, smart people don't fall for it, and if they do it's because they have something to gain from it. Poor people are more than likely to believe it or don't care. Actually had an exchange teacher from China who had quite a lot to say on about his government.
Apparently a few must, as Chinese international students studying in Australia have been in the news over the past few years for having spats with Australian academics about things such as Taiwan and the South China Sea. Of course, anecdotal here though, eg I’m mates with a Cantonese bloke and one thing he absolutely hates above all else is the CPC. And I imagine it’s the same story for many Chinese emigrants.
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Tbh this is no more dystopian than the usual daily shit they do in schools already, according to my close friend who is currently teaching English over there.
It's rather difficult to say just because the Chinese government often regards silence as disobedience and inaction as conspiracy. So people are "encouraged" to act brainwash or risk getting thrown into a gulag and having their families used as concrete additives. The PRC is really more like a cult state than anything else in this regard, the only way you really can tell the true believers from the survivors is by who can be deprogrammed once the threat is removed.
careful china, wouldn't want those kids to start questioning why the rich are more equal than them.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/242634/fe365b31-3a2d-4e5f-b80d-05f7504afab1/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/242634/92722530-fef5-441c-8142-1c23d9c3c57f/image.png Fixed.
Chinese people have their criticisms, but the set-up there means that if you don't have something positive to say about the CCP, you're better off not saying it. These days, especially with China's surging economy, rising wages, and newly emerging middle class, if you're the average Chinese person living in a big city like Beijing or Shanghai, the best course of action is just to shut up, get on with your life, and take advantage of your newly-found wealth. For a lot of the Chinese new money, playing nice with the CCP gets you wealth and status, and criticising them lands you in a cell. It is also an issue of perspective. Many millions of Chinese see themselves getting more free, not less, because they're comparing themselves to Mao-era China which was brutally oppressive in almost every way that could be counted. The modern China, in comparison, is an open meadow with bountiful wealth for all.
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this comes with a big asterisk because its all predicated on an everlasting expanding economy, which well... look at literally every other asian country, and also as long as china stays at peace which its insistence on fighting Mao era squabbles could also lead to an end to the good times.
Cantonese people in general pretty much despise the CCP since they essentially are trying to eradicate the Cantonese language and culture and replace it with the "default" han-Chinese one. I talked with a dude from Hong Kong about how China treats that place and they pull some really shady shit to get han-Chinese people to the top to push down native Hong Kong people in society.
China are very close to absolute control of every single aspect of its citizens lives from conception to grave and it's terrifying.
The Xuexi Qiangguo app is also required by salaryman and communist in China I think, and theres some quota for doing it. There is also a Github page for a "cheat" that help you do it, where there used to be a bunch of people that I don't know whether are trolls or serious getting mad about this for disturbing the harmony and other like that in the issues page.
The most disturbing part to me is the externalities-- you're a fool if you haven't noticed the ways in which their domestic apparatus has leaked out into the democratic west. Since this is a videogame forum, maybe a telling example is the way Steam/Valve censored Winnie the Pooh avatars from Chinese users, or the way Chinese populists review bombed an indie game for a hidden "Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh" message?
To paraphrase Huxley, the only stable oppression is one where the people adore their chains. China's more Orwell than Huxley, but any tyrant worth their salt would shift to Huxley's vision of tyranny in the long term, and stuff like the gamification of social credit score, and denouncing others is doubtless the start of that. At least in the soviet bloc, the citizens went around with denouncing each other and abiding by the party with an 'appropriate' cynicsism. But this generation of chinese are going to be raised around the gamified social credit, incentivised to bow to the party not by force and tryanny, but by video game like rewards, social congratulations, status and applause. This is why free speech and diversity of opinion is/was our paramount value. The sooner shit like this can be curbed by public outcry, the easier it is to reverse. I fear we're past the critical mass with china, and edging ever closer domestically.
lol they're going to teach socialism with Chinese characteristics (aka even more fucked up than socialism), they'd never teach them real socialism.
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