• Little Red Riding Hood banned from Catalan school in sexism row
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They could have just as easily flipped the genders in the stories, and made smaller changes to characters to remove stereotypes and anything else they deem offensive.
Or they could write a short little intro about the changes in society's perception of gender stereotypes over time to explain to kids why the stories don't always correspond with modern values.
I can't even think why Little Red Riding Hood would be considered sexist at all. I mean, a girl is the protagonist of the story and she works everything out on her own, right? It's been years since I read it, but I'm pretty sure the conclusion is not: "Why, grandma, what big hands you have!" "ALL THE BETTER FOR DOING THE DISHES AND CLEANING AND CHILD-REARING" Ridiculous.
Most of (if not all of) these stories the public domain, and there are countless variations on them. Just do what Zet said and just make the story as you'd like it to be, given how short and simple the stories are it wouldn't take too long to modify them. Seriously, given me a couple hundred Euros and I'll do it, granted they'd all be in English but then you can use them to teach the kids that too! A progressive message and something to teach the kids another language all for the low low price a Euro per story? That's what I call a bargain!
In some tellings of the story a woodsman comes in and kills the wolf with an axe. I still wouldn't consider it sexist sine Red Riding Hood is a literal child and she's faced with a wolf that wants to eat her
I think that's the version I read too, but it's still pretty reasonable that a child is not going to single-handedly kill a sentient wolf.
Yeah the woodsman story is what I was taught, alongside the fact that for some reason the grandma wasn't digested and the woodsman cut his stomach to free the grandma.
I remember an animated version of this story my parents had recorded on VHS-tape, along with other classical children stories like Jack and the beanstalk. In that version the woodsman comes upon the grandma's cabin and hear expressions of discomfort from the cabin. Believing that the old grandma living there might be ill he enters the cabin and find the wolf laying there with a big inflated belly, unable to move because he had eaten both grandma and the little red riding hood. I remember that the woodsman then used a big knife to cut open the wolf's belly while he was still alive and rescue them both. The wolf was practically just a big sack with nothing but his poor victims inside of him. It then ended with the wolf walking through the forest while holding his belly shut with his front limbs. Rather gruesome depiction for a children story, now that I think about it.
Perhaps this story is one of the reason why so many vore-fetishist exist today..
NO, WE HAVE TO BAN THIS FUCKING THING But seriously now, does anyone actually care about the story past the age of... I don't even know what age people tend to give a damn about it. It seems like people just give a damn about this when they hear "MAN SAVE WOMAN", and I don't think even kids give a damn about this until they reach a certain age or are pointed at it.
Is it a bad lesson to learn that appearances can be deceiving, particularly to a child? Viewing everything through the lens of historical sexism is stupid, men and women have always had different gender roles. Hero characters make sense for men because we're biologically built to be the fighters of the species. Women are supposed to be protective of themselves, which then extends to the capacity of empathy for others. Different sexes, different virtues. Trying to say that it portrays one sex as inferior is sexism in itself by denying the virtues of the "disadvantaged" sex.
As someone who lives on Spain and knew about this just as it happened, I find it stupid and hilarious at the same time. Stupid because as you guys basically said, this book has nothing to do with genders, as if it were a boy instead of a girl or whatever, and hilarious because it's hilarious the points to where Catalonian politics are getting now that they're banning this kinds of things instead of focusing on more important shit. Good job Catalonia, you made your image to the other countries even worse.
Oh my fucking god STOP. Its a bloody kids story.
I recall a few versions of the story where the woodsman then fills the wolf's gut full of jagged rocks and sews it shut. Because I guess disemboweling someone isn't punishment enough for double homicide.
I learnt this one too. Also got taught about the Grimm's rendition of Cinderella - the stepsisters mutilate their feet off to try and fit into the glass slipper, and then their eyes get pecked out by birds right at the end as a punishment for being so cruel.
Plus the wolf is really a metaphor for predatory or otherwise pathological people who 'dress up' appealingly to predate on you. Be it individual sociopaths or something more abstract like a cult. And the woodsman is really nothing more than a stand in for the very concept of virtue itself. But no, muh sexism.
Surprise, is an exaggeration [ES] The Tàber school in Barcelona wanted to clarify this morning that it has not removed the traditional story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' and what they have carried out is an analysis of the entire kindergarten library. Asked if 'Little Red Riding Hood' is considered machist, Tutzó says yes but says that "you have to contextualize when it was written, how, why and what is its meaning. Nowadays it is obviously out of place. That does not mean that it can be explained and in another way or with a historical perspective with an age but not with infants from 1 to 4 years. " "In primary school, when they have another vision of everything, the treatment is very different. Nothing has been removed, those stories are marked that have things that can be commented on to develop a critical spirit. What we can not pretend is to develop a critical spirit if, in childhood, we only teach a type of content, "Tutzó explained. "We want to introduce other types of stories, with other values, where diversity and other ways of relating are shown," he concluded. The news has had a great impact on social networks and even the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, made reference to an act with supporters of the party in Toledo. Yesterday, she bought the Little Red Riding Hood book to give to her daughter. "I've reviewed it. But what is the problem? I thought: the girl is sent to do a message, not the child, of course, the girl doing home tasks instead of being an astronaut, is a demonstration of machism and above the girl with a skirt and not pants, "he said while They have heard some applause. Feminism and Catalan related topics? Easy target for the far right to make fake news to ridiculing them while assuring their view that "these people are crazy". Regional elections are on the 28th and is beyond scary how rumors about immigrants getting loads of benefits, women making fake complaints to demand men for money "because is so easy for them to lie" and other lies that the far right loves to repeat have literally multiplied since April began. Some are clear as crystal that they are fake, but others like this are harder to prove them as well. And it doesn't help all the national media has succumbed to sensationalism so "fake news" spread like fire. I have the bad feeling that they are going to get most of the votes because they are using the same strategy as Trump, Bolsonaro and other fascists. I really want to be wrong and think that they will not get much, but on the past south region elections they made the headlines by getting the majority. If they come elected, all the social progress done on the last 2-3 decades can be perfectly end into the trash. I have fear and I can't fly back to vote or remotely vote as I would be forced this time to travel around 250KM to the closest embassy.
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