• Ronnie James Dio Hologram to Tour U.S. With Dio Bandmates
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I've seen and heard a lot of people against it because they say it's a cashgrab. But I don't see it as one since I'm one of those people who never got a chance to see him live so it would be awesome to at least experience this
I'm not sure about hologram tours like this. I understand the concept of giving people a show they want to see because they didn't have the chance before, but at the same time, the artist is dead, and watching something prerecorded isn't the same as a real live show. Dio's career was legendary and he left a lot of music behind for everyone to enjoy, isn't that enough, rather than doing something like this?
First, Vanilla Ice visits Egypt, then few years later RHCP. And now Dio is back. Yup, it's all coming together. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110525/41f61054-015b-440e-925d-afbfa6d05059/image.png Strap in, boys and girls. Heaven is coming.
Don't mind me, I'm just here for the JoJo references.
They've already made a hologram of Frank Zappa too. This shit needs to stop, but we all know it won't.
JoJo fans are the new my little pony fans. Honestly yes it's a cashgrab but I'm lying if I said I wouldn't go.
What bothers me the most is that these so-called "holograms" aren't much more than an image being projected on a transparent screen. It's cool technology but it's still a far cry from actual, three dimensional holograms that would have a lot more potential on a stage... Right now you might as well be seeing a recording on TV rather than forking over hundreds of bucks to see it on a transparent one...
i want my hologram as open source model on the internet after I die so It can be used in porn and i can bang chicks for the rest of eternity
Bad news, your hologram is being used by the “Need some help with a few models” guy
I'm a huge Dio fan; I love most of his work. This is just a fucking cash grab; I never got a chance to see him and I would sell my testicles to see him live once again but this? This lacks all of the fun and interaction that happens at Metal Concerts.
Holograms are completely distasteful unless you've got the original artist recorded with permission to use it for tours, the experience will never be the same with the use of body doubles. No matter how much you study a person and try to recreate them, it just won't be there. There's several Hologram concert videos online and they all feel off because the doubles either can't pull off the choreography in the same spirit or just don't have the body language or attitude of the former star. There's still a great potential here for people who actually went ahead to get themselves recorded, the scary part comes into play when companies talk through dead stars like this. 2:30 https://youtu.be/7eiWahgEnFg
I saw the Dio hologram not too long ago, gave me some closure, Dio was supposed to be the first concert I was going to see, but he cancelled his tour due to his cancer a few days after I had bought my ticket. It was incredibly lame, the hologram was tiny so it looked like dio was about 120 cm tall. The footage was spliced together from different concerts, so troughout the show Dio's hairline would go back and forth. To hide edits and moments that would break the illusion, the hologram would be covered with terrible fire effects. But worst of all, holy diver and rainbow in the dark were condensed in a short medley at the end of another song. Also not everything had a Dio hologram, IIRC almost half the songs were sung by Tim Owens. In the end I did have fun and I had my closure, but I'm not sure if I can recommend this.
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