• Sony stopped Bungie's plans to add cross-platform character transfer to Destiny
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Report Bungie's plans to enable the cross-platform transfer of Destiny characters were stopped by Sony, according to Kotaku's Jason Schreier. "I heard that Bungie wanted to do character transfers for PS4, PC - before Forsaken came out - but Sony wouldn't allow it," Schreier said. "Sony is just like, we want people to associate Destiny with PS4, even if that means screwing over other players. "It sucks and hopefully Bungie ends it."
Remember when they didn’t allow fortnite crossplay because PS4 is the best place to play
The arrogance of Sony is some nasty shit. Hopefully they get curb stomped again in the coming gen.
The joke's on Sony. The only reason I still have an Xbox One is because I couldn't transfer my character to another platform.
A little surprised they didn't even allow PS4 to PC, usually they are only that stingy about Xbox to PS but its Sony, so no actual surprise.
Sony is justifiably concerned with making sure their platform remains populated and grows. Unfortunately, Sony's method of handling that is acting like an aggressively-jealous girlfriend. No you can't talk to your friends, I don't know these people. No, you can't play with them, I'm scared you'll think life's better with them and you'll leave me. Look at all the nice exclusives I paid for to give you, why would you ever want to be away from me?
The Xbox is stupid and pointless PS4 has great content it is overall great console But then you look at Sony's bullshit and it's just not encouraging at all Meanwhile Microsoft is surprisingly a cool as fuck company when it comes to cross platform, and they're even putting Xbox live and Xbox games on the switch What a world we live in. Fucking Nintendo and Microsoft working together and actually really cool about this stuff.
Very entertaining how this shit is cyclical, just switching between which company is anti-consumer while on top and which is sweet talking while lagging behind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWSIFh8ICaA
Sony only won the previous gen because Microsoft forfeited it right out of the gate. The generation before, they were viewed as the loser in large part because of the 2011 playstation network hack, which exposed how little they gave a shit about their customers. And they will lose the forthcoming generation if they continue their arrogant ways, and Microsoft has indeed gotten their act together.
Without the Xbox, Bungie would have run out of money and shut down. After a certain fiasco involving the recall of $1 million worth of copies of Myth 2, Bungie had some uncertainty. If Microsoft hadn't stepped in and bought them, Halo would have died before it got out the door.
Xbox Original and 360 were phenominal and were worth it. The Xbox, and Halo itself, objectively and measurably changed everything about gaming forever. Halo quite literally shook the stage and was a landmark occasion for shooters. Xbox One itself, not so much. It's a wanna-be-all without the use of a full PC, and Microsoft is exporting it all to PC anyways. It doesn't do anything really special or interesting, and the games list isn't particularly wild when you look at PC or even the Switch, though the latter is subjective. Sony had so much momentum, it really is painful to see them do stuff like this. They're really shooting themselves in the nose here.
You know, we really are in a fucked up timeline. When games like Doom and other shooters come to a Nintendo console while Sony is still bitching about not letting people cross play, shits fucked.
tbh in my opinion, Sony lost the PS3 generation after: - five hundred and ninety nine US dollars became a meme for all of the wrong (for Sony) reasons - three years passed before the PS3 had a library worth boasting about, unless you just had to play one of the handful of flagship exclusives available early on or you bought it to watch Blu-Rays - this lag in library support may have had to do with the PS3's unique Cell architecture, which Sony is on the record as saying they intentionally made it difficult (but powerful) to write for so that developers would still be pushing the PS3's envelope when it was replaced - the OtherOS debacle and the PS3 Slim dropping hardware PS2 backwards compatibility, among other things, made the PS3 the first major console to actively drop multiple important in-the-box features (i.e. not tied to a server staying on) during the active support lifespan - PSN wasn't that great to start with and then it got hacked and Sony handled literally everything incompetently - Sony explicitly mocked Nintendo for introducing motion controls, then brought out motion controls like three years later after getting absolutely shitslapped by the Wii - you can't call something a worthless gimmick and then proceed to release a gimmick accessory several years late to the party To be clear on the last point, I don't think the PS3 came in last because it didn't launch with wagglepops but it is a perfect demonstration of the arrogance and misreading of the market that led Sony to lose the generation. If Microsoft hadn't been afflicted with the Red Ring of Death I think consumer (and developer) confidence in the 360 might've been even higher, sapping away even more from the PS3. Sony's arrogance during this era also led them to launch the PSP Go at the price point of US $249.99, with the brilliant mistake of saying out loud that they could've set an MSRP of 200 but consumers should expect to pay more for a premium experience. Literally "it's $50 more because we know you'll pay for it". This is how marketing works but you're not supposed to say that part. The market laughed and kept buying DSis and the soon-to-release 3DS instead, or played games on their smartphones. The PS4 saw Sony go back to its roots and focus on shipping a really good, solid gaming console with great games, but since launch there's been a growing visible paranoia that expresses itself in control-freak behaviour like blocking crossplay and deceptively marketing games as "exclusives" by deliberately omitting that there's also a PC port or whatever (they did this for a fucking year and a half with No Man's Sky; if you only paid attention to official marketing you'd never know it was for anything but PS4). If Sony keeps this attitude for the next generation, Microsoft and Nintendo will probably maintain their crossplay alliance so that you can play with everyone or you can buy a PS5 and play in the walled garden.
Microsoft has made major strides in consumer-focused thinking. However, they are trying to flank their competition by offering Xbox Live services on as many screens as possible. Given the opportunity, I can see them walling off their garden and trying to bury you in their ecosystem. They've already taken the first step with a discless Xbox One pretty immediately inbound. Likewise Sony has taken great steps toward strengthening their brand by focusing on making exceptionally well-crafted single-player video games, while Xbox offered first and second party options that came loaded with micro-transactions and all that other mobile app cancer bullshit. It's a difference in them competing against each other and competing for us, the customers. Don't tolerate anti-consumerist moves by these guys, no matter who it is.
I'm really hoping the discless xbone flops hard. If it works it sets a bad precedent for sony and maybe nintendo to follow.
#GreatnessAwaits, everybody. Y'all enabled this by buying into their good guy façade in 2013.
I'd only like the idea of a digital-only console if only the stores didn't let publishers run all over the customer. On Steam, I can buy a bundle and get content I already have that is included in the bundle discounted off. On Xbox Live, if I buy a bundle, content I have already purchased is not discounted off.
My bigger worry is that Microsoft, whose introduced such great features as, paid online services for something we didn't pay for before hand and put consoles at a direct disadvantage against PCs right out of the gate, or pull shit like timed exclusives with games like Titanfall. Sony can be arrogant, and they can do dumb shit and they have done dumb shit; but Microsoft has had a huge hand in helping create the conditions that have allowed for even bigger abusive bullshit. Remember when developers couldn't push updates to games without releasing DLC because Microsoft forced them to pay for it? Hell, remember when Sony allowed crossplay between Steam and PS3 owners with Portal 2's coop? How that flopped hard? Its easy to fall into this 'cyclical' shit like we do with the whole 'windows release pattern' but its really fairy dust and forgotten history. Videogaming especially, suffers heavily from forgotten history. I mean shit, look at all the people excited for Borderlands 3 before the EGS announcement; completely ignoring that BL2 got its budget from taken from lies that killed 2 smaller studios and pissed of Sega and gave us one of the worst entries in videogames inside the Alien franchise history. I mean you can point the gun on Nintendo for the forced scarcity bullshit that drives up prices on little shit pieces of plastic. They heavily use and abuse forced scarcity to drive up prices and hype, all the time. They're also incredibly abusive and confrontational with fan works and more. None of these companies are good; none of them are 'lesser evils'. We need to drop this whole console war competition. Microsoft isn't more consumer friendly than it was before; its just pushed certain policies forward but that's because they've lost the PR war for this generation.
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