• Minnesota woman with 64 dead cats, 43 live cats sentenced
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Collectin pusseeeeh
Is her last name Schrödinger?
Yes and no.
Why would they sentence the remaining cats and not the lady? And a pig. Hmmmmm, I wonder what she fed it🤔
Ah, the good old "personally owned shelters". Near Leskovac there is such a case where some woman made a dog shelter right in the middle of the village. The noise and stink has become so annoying people are considering to poison the dogs
Bregel was ordered to serve 200 hours of community service, two years of probation and 90 days of electronic home monitoring. She must also receive a psychological examination literally slap on the wrist
I mean she’s obviously not well, what do you think would be suitable in this case?
anything more would be excessive. she's being ordered for a psych exam so they know something's wrong, shouldn't someone with a legitimate mental condition getting help be good enough? i mean, yeah, for the cats, that sucks and i'm sorry it happened, but no one in a right state of mind lets this happen.
Maybe a ban of owning animals??? She clearly does not know hot to properly care for them. Like the above user said, it's literally a slap on the wrist...
I pictured her to be much older
It's a vicious cycle which most start mean well. You keep them because they're both something you became dependent on and want a proper burial but you failed in saving them so you freeze them so you can deal with them later. At least this is the guess from what I heard about a no kill shelter I knew that was raided 5 years ago.
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