• Iraq considers ban online multiplayer games as they have brainwash young people
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https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/04/14/iraq-considers-banning-online-multiplayer-games-have-brainwashed/ I had to edit the thread title, due to it’s character limit.
Calling for the total annihilation of a nearby country however is completely acceptable and not at all violent.
No no you don't get it, these are the wrong violent fantasies, they can only have government approved violent fantasies that benefit the leaders. Can't let the kids get "brainwashed" outside of our control.
Oh OK then sure, people forcing Religion onto children in certain countries isn't considered brainwashing but fucking video games, they're they real threat to a child's mind.
They've got bigger fish to fry and they picked the one thing that can't be truly enforced lmao
Better ban a whole lot more "corruptive" things and content while they're at it.
coming from a country which punished a death metal band with death penalty, this is likely to happen
I think Iraq (and the Middle East at large) have an altogether greater problem with brainwashing from salafism / wahhabism and overall fundamentalist idealogy.
ya but they don't see that as brainwashing
Isn't that the point?
they see it as the good brainwashing
That's the point bruh, they don't want them to take it out in the games, but in real life, on Iran!
Ah yes, video games. That's what's brainwashing people and making them irrationally violent in Iraq. Yup. Must be video games, peace be upon them.
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