• Man Set to Undergo World's first Head Transplant Backs Out in Becoming a Father
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Yeah there's no fucking way that was ever going to work
nice try MGS5 came out years ago
Man Planning To Fucking Murder Himself Gets Something To Live For
too late already signed the contract mate
How can this guy get laid and I can't?
Because this dude volunteered to have his fucking head chopped off, and you didn't.
Always with these unrealistic female standards, amirite?
Need to get out of the house for that.
Here's a real and honest question, how does it work? Like, does he have sex? Can he get it up? Does he feel it? Or did a doctor just push on his prostate? I'm genuinely curious and not trying to be a dick.
We are thinking of the same type of head right?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAr0zgswpLQ ?
Nobody said he got laid. For all we know, this was artificial insemination.
That's what I'm asking, how do you get nut out of a guy who's stuff doesn't work?
It is possible to extract sperm directly from the testicle without the need for orgasm. Testicular Sperm Extraction
i remember when everyone thought this was an ARG for MGSV
Even if you could somehow get all the nerves to connect to the brain stem properly (which is effectively impossible to my understanding), you're going to get graft vs. host kick in pretty soon and kill you in a few years. This is total nonsense and I'm glad he does not plan to attempt it.
Every time there's a thread about Sergio Canavero I feel like I've had this deja vu before. The MGSV thing was a rumour because some people decided that Canavero's entire career was viral marketing for the game, and his photoshoots were rendered in Fox Engine. Really the game's doctor is just based on the actor that played him, Ian Moore: https://i.imgur.com/Q8e4tZU.png https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CC7VU2bVIAEdBH1.png:orig This makes it all the more hilarious that Canavero wanted to (or tried to? I don't know) sue Konami for using his likeness when it was actually the likeness of some other guy. Anyway, I hope Valery Spiridonov's condition continues to be as stable as he says because I remember reading his initial reasons for going forth with the operation and they weren't pretty, to say the least.
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