• Body cam footage has been released from Lil Pump's run-in with Miami-Dade police
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https://www.xxlmag.com/news/2019/04/lil-pump-police-bodycam-video/ Additional body cam footage has been released from Lil Pump's run-in with Miami-Dade police at Miami International Airport back in December 2018. In the 5-minute long clip, the police are seemingly angry and have little patience for Pump and his manager. They can also be seen arresting Pump, and continually asking him why he's on probation. The initial incident happened in December when Pump and his manager were removed from their flight after cops believed they smelled weed coming from a bag they thought belonged to Pump. Police made it clear they didn't believe the rapper and his manager when they said the bag did not belong to him, and though no drugs were found, cops still arrested them both and charged them with disorderly conduct. Upon release of the footage, the Miami-Dade Police Department began an internal investigation to determine whether or not their officers acted inappropriately, and the state attorney decided to drop the disorderly conduct charges.  Pump also announced plans to sue Miami-Dade PD for mistreatment, though he doesn't appear to have moved forward with the lawsuit as of yet.
Dade PD are notoriously corrupt and run by assholes. The fact that they claim they smell weed on his flight back and there were no drugs found is obvious that it was bullshit. Imagine getting charged for being harassed by the police for no reason lol.
sounds like a lawsuit to me
As much as I despise this idiot, fuck these cops man
It was a baggage handler that found the weed smelling bag not the cops.
who knew screaming at someone to calm them down isnt gonna calm them down? lmao
Miami-Dade police are something else man, even when they have no jurisdiction in another county they will try and pull you over if you so much as beep near them
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