• Authorities detonate World War II bomb found in Frankfurt river
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The stock market city is booming
A WWII bomb found by firefighters taking part in a diving exercise in a river in Frankfurt, Germany Were they hunting down the elusive underwater wildfires of Germany or do firefighters do a lot more than just fight fires in Germany?
They are ever-vigilant and expect fire to hide in the one place nobody would ever look
Firefighters do search and rescue in almost every country??? It takes less than five seconds to look this up and is pretty common knowledge.
Are you trying to be funny or are you really just lacking some pretty common knowledge?
There is a reason why most fire dept's are called fire and rescue.
I legitimately couldn't think of a reason why they would employ divers. In my defense I posted that immediately upon waking up so just ignore my dumbass.
Understandable. Could have been worse.
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