• Man Throws Child Off Balcony at Mall of America
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http://www.startribune.com/suspect-in-mall-of-america-attack-was-looking-for-someone-to-kill/508596352/ A Minneapolis man said he went to the Mall of America Friday “looking for someone to kill” before throwing a 5-year-old boy nearly 40 feet over a railing in an attack that shocked the nation. Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, 24, was formally charged in Hennepin County District Court Monday with attempted first-degree premeditated murder in the attack. He is being held on $2 million bail and is expected to make his first court appearance Tuesday. The boy, named Landen, fell about 40 feet to a stone floor. According to a criminal complaint filed Monday, medical responders at the scene said the boy’s injuries included multiple fractured bones, including in his arms and legs. He was bleeding from the head and had massive head trauma. The boy is currently being treated at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, where his condition is listed as critical. Aranda told investigators he had been going to the Bloomington mall for several years “and had made efforts to talk to women in the Mall, but had been rejected, and the rejection caused him to lash out and to be aggressive.”
At least the kid survived, I hope he fully recovers
Aranda admitted to police that he knew what he did was wrong, the complaint said. does this void any pleas for insanity? cause I sure hope this bugger gets a full sentence.
he seems sane. Just probably delusional. And given what the story says. Something tells me this guy is an Incel and him trying to kill someone was "Vengeance" against the society that didn't want to fuck him. In other words, he's a fucking idiot.
Yes. Insanity defence requires an inability to distinguish right from wrong. Provocation may still be a defence, but I dunno how strict Minnesota law on the Model Penal Code (which itself is pretty strict in contrast to other common law criteria) is.
If being rejected all the time leaves you so angry that you're capable of throwing someone off a balcony, maybe, just maybe you're the kind of subhuman scum that should keep being rejected.
Cool. Throw the book at him so hard his incel-dream imaginary children feel it.
Even if that were the case, why lash out at a fucking 5 years old that obviously has nothing to do with this? Dude's such a fucking coward that he didn't even pick someone remotely his size.
Imagine going to the mall with your young son, having a nice day, and all of a sudden some collosal piece of shit just... Throws your kid off the balcony. What the fuck do you even do? I know he wouldn't be leaving that God damn place walking though.
That kid is gonna be terrified of balconies and any other high elevation places for a very long time.
Kill him then and there.
That kid is probably going to be permanently brain damaged for the rest of his life, if he's not already in a coma that he won't wake up from.
Wouldn't that make you just as bad as him though?
Im going to take the controversial stance of if a guy throws your kid off a 40 foot fucking balcony its perfectly fine to just end his life immediately.
No because killing a man who threw a fucking child off a 40 foot balcony is uhh, kinda just a little bit different than being the guy throwing a child off a 40 foot balcony.
If this incel bastard went this far from a few rejections at the mall, he’s gonna have a real fucking hard time in the slammer for a good decade.
I'd say Im surprised they let the guy in the mall, but then I remembered how big it actually is. Local news reported that he'd already been arrested at the mall multiple times from things ranging from throwing items off balconies to smashing displays over the years. My friend whose brother works at the prison hes currently in says they have him separated from general pop for his safety. The guy sounds unstable, but he's perfectly aware of what he's done. I hope the kid makes a full recovery.
I hope not, but "massive head trauma" doesn't bode well.
Wow gee I wonder why women kept rejecting your dumb ass, could probably tell something was fucked in your head. Didn't even go for another guy, just a fucking 5 year old like the fucking pussy he is.
I get where you are coming from, but do understand why people are angry at the moment.
lets see. 1, Would i rather be a person who kills someone in order to stop them from harming innocents? Or 2, would i rather be a person that randomly kills a person for a asinine and completely made up bullshit reason? I'll go with 1.
I don’t. You can say capital vigilantous punishment is wrong, but as bad? Really?
I don't agree with a death sentence, generally I loathe the concept of it. but I can empathize with people who feel this way as a result of "in the moment" anger. this man did something atrocious and I want him to taste justice myself, but I personally don't think death is the way to go. but I do understand why people feel it might be.
By capital vigilantous punishment I meant killing him there as judge jury executioner
I stand by what I said nonetheless. I don't blame anyone for wanting a man who knowingly did something atrocious dead, despite my stance on it. it's only when it's a persistant call for it I take issue with it, not when it's a result of momentary emotions.
I dont get what you guys are on about Women are sure to flock to him now. He attacked the weakest person in sight thus proving his dominance and high intellect.
Given that mass shooters actually have groupies for some reason, I wouldn't put that out of the realm of possibility. Cowardly scum are apparently attractive to some, as weird as that sounds.
The article has some interesting comments on the issue of the Mall of America's security: Following Friday's attack on the boy, people have asked whether video surveillance with facial recognition might have alerted security when Aranda entered. Rozin said that's not realistic. While more companies are using facial recognition now, he said, the technology is unable to reliably identify people as they enter places like the mall. The software relies largely on a flat camera angle to correctly identify people. Mall cameras are placed above busy, wide entry spaces, which are not designed for facial recognition. Besides, Rozin said, the mall's no-trespass order against Aranda expired three years ago, so he would have been allowed in, regardless. The mall's security guards have excellent behavior-threat detection protocols, he said. That said, the only way someone like Aranda might be intercepted is if he were to draw the attention of a security officer who had prior experience with him, Rozin said. The perp had a history of violence and prior bans at the Mall, but such bans had expired by the time of the incident. Also take note: Some people seem to be wanting China-tier face recognition surveillance. Aint that a comfort.
Depends on your timing! If you shot him before he did anything, that's a murder. If you shot him while he was doing it, that's preventing an assault. If you shot him immediately after he did it, that would probably be counted as preventing assault as well, since you have no reason to believe he wouldn't repeat it. If you shot him after subduing him, that's back to murder.
as far as use of a firearm in MN this is fairly accurate, though it's super unrealistic to think that someone would have seen the act and acted fast enough. If there were someone there who could've, they also have to consider what's behind the threat because they will be charged and probably prosecuted for injuring or killing a bystander.
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