• Sailor kills local woman, self in Okinawa
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https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/14/world/asia/japan-okinawa-navy-sailor-dead.html This was done while the woman's daughter was present btw
Every fucking year, there's always at least one death involving the US military and a local Okinawan woman. It's a shame.
Wouldn't be surprised if the Japanese government started putting some serious pressure on the US to reign this shit in. Fucking unbelievable, can you imagine if foreign soldiers stationed somewhere in the US just randomly murdered people as a trend? There'd be riots. The locals must look at US troops like fucking barbarians at this point, it's absolutely shameful and beyond unacceptable.
It's been in the works for a while to potentially move the 3rd Division to Australia. There's always been a fair amount of tension on Oki from the Marines and Sailors there. Whether its from murders like this to drunken tank driving the base has always caused problems for the local population. With that said, it's pretty much true for most cities around military bases. I was stationed in Pensacola, otherwise known as the NJP capital of the world. People were always being arrested for getting in fights, rape, doing drugs, etc. While military bases almost always provide an economic boost to a local population, they also bring a lot of crime and violence with it.
what's stopping us from going the Chinese route of just dumping a fuckton of sand into the ocean and making an entirely new base a few miles offshore
why?? ive never heard of this
Let me put it this way: You are taking a bunch of college age men, getting them involved in a cult of personality that is present in the USMC, and expecting them to be on their best behavior when booze and narcotics are involved. I have plenty of family members that have served in East Asia, and all of them have likened it too a non-stop party with good looking women.
Jesus, not again. May Mattis have mercy on the navy and marines stationed at Okinawa. Last time something like this happened, we were on such a hard lockdown. I had to check my marine buddy out of his barracks to do anything, with anything involving no drinking off-base. Plus the mandatory role calls on the weekends. It got retarded. Something has got to change, but I dont really see what could help.
I had to fill out a liberty plan to go home and walk my dog. It got to the point where I would just have my wife go do stuff for me since nobody would suspect a local.
Ah yes, I remember when they lock-down the whole base for like a week and they took out all the liquor fro the store on-base (and by taking out I mean they just wrapped the liquor area and put a big sign on it). You had to write a liberty plan every single day even for on-base, and once lock-down got removed, you had to have a liberty buddy when leaving base, all the usual curfew time for outside. It was no fun at all. It’s a shame really, Japan is an amazing place to be but someone that had a bit too much to drink had to ruin it.
Luckily I got to drink off-base at this awesome bar once before the lockdown came into effect. And also have some habu sake at Yoshi's sushi bar. Everything just about disappeared after the lockdown. A real shame. I didn't really get to experience the night-life.
Lib-pocolypse 2016 who remember?
Aren't the japanese perception of the okinawan kind of bad too? As in, they're wayy too americanized and all?
Shit if you're not born in Japan the conservatives wouldn't think you a person at all.
They don't consider people from Okinawa to be Japanese, which is essentially true because they really aren't. The annexation of the Ryukyu islands was probably one of the first instances of Japanese colonialism.
My Japanese friend once told me that they don't consider Okinawans "Japanese" as they're not from mainland Japan and weren't a part of Japan until a few hundred years ago. (something like that) Japanese mainly don't like American soldiers stationed there because this kind of shit happens a lot more often than you can imagine.
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