• New "consent condom" requires two pairs of hands to open
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https://www.cbsnews.com/news/consent-condom-requires-four-hands-to-open-making-powerful-statement-about-consent/ With consent at the forefront of modern conversations about sex, one company is highlighting its importance in a unique way. Argentinian company Tulipán has created a "consent condom" that requires four hands to be opened, intending to raise awareness about consent in the bedroom.  "If they don't say yes, it means no," the tagline on a video demonstration says. "Consent is the most important thing in sex." Ad agency BBDO Argentina created the "Consent Pack" for Tulipán. The box can only be opened if four hands simultaneously press buttons on each side of the box, unlocking the condom inside.  The limited edition condom packages were placed at bars and events around Buenos Aires. The company is also sharing information about the product on social media with the hashtag #PlacerConsentido, or "permitted pleasure." They will be available to purchase later this year. The condom is not meant to be a solution to sexual assault, but rather to spread the important message of consent in all circumstances.
smh wont have a nutty buddy help me open it.
What about amputee's
Lol ur telling me 4 fingers couldn’t press 4 buttons at the same time? Also the people who would actually buy these are the same people who are probably educated enough already about consensual sex.
that second situation would have no problems as far as the packaging for this is concerned
I get what they're trying to do, but I feel like the message may be too subtle for the dumb bastards who don't already understand the concept of consent.
Hold all the C buttons, the L and R buttons, the Z button, and the left button on the condom box. It helps if you have someone help you hold the buttons. Now, carefully tilt the control stick halfway to the left until you hear a sound and then tilt it to the right until you hear a sound. Keep on tilting it back and forth, not pushing the stick all the way, until the box opens with condoms you can use. It takes about 5 tilts.
This seems like it was made more for the people producing it to give themselves a little feel good pat on the back than anything else.
Wait a minute wasn't this part of a cheat code for an SNES game?
i feel like just putting it in your mouth and pressing the buttons with both hands would circumvent this
Cute marketing point but why would anyone buy this if I can buy any other condom, especially one I know is good, for cheaper? The norm is to not rape. People already know this. The people who slip through are outliers and they're not the type of people who will understand or care about this.
This is so stupid. Contraceptives should be easy and accessible to ensure they're being used. A problem with condoms, specifically with new partners, is that the man may be worried about maintaining an erection (performance anxiety, nervousness). Condoms are one of those road blocks for some people that can bring the user out of the moment, which may lead them to go "fuck this I don't need it, I'll just pull out, I'm going soft and look like an idiot fumbling around in the dark, I'm sure she's clean, etc". They don't have to be, but they are to some especially those engaged in hookup culture. Not to mention I don't even know who the market is for this besides people that probably don't have sex anyway lol.
This is meant for nobody, people who know this shit aren't going to get this one and will get something normal, people who don't understand it aren't going to get any condom. This is so retarded.
what I mean by this is more "I don't want to deal with this so fuck what she says about condoms I'm going in"
Damnit! Now I can only go on raping sprees with a friend.
I can't find the price. Because if "symbolic box" means "4 times the price"...
Wouldn't this just mean that non-consensual sex would also be less safe?
um shouldn't we be making condoms easier to use and more prevalent and not harder to use and arbitrarily more expensive?
Is it bad if I recognize this as the shadows of the empire debug menu code?
No cuz I was hoping at least 1 person would
Wanna open a condom together?
It was literally designed as a PR stunt and nothing more its just too idiotic and impractical to even be worth shit
Can't get this condom out, guess I can't rape you
honestly if a dude bust one of these out that would be a huge red flag to me
Cool as a sort of "art piece" or political statement, really pointless as an actual product.
It just means it's an ad campaign so they go out free at events and stuff. You're not meant to buy them as a replacement for dingers.
This actually makes a bit more sense, handing them out at events to raise awareness for sexual consent n stuff. I could get behind this, I guess. Condoms aren't exactly costly to manufacture, nobody's going to go broke by giving these things out.
The limited edition condom packages were placed at bars and events around Buenos Aires. The company is also sharing information about the product on social media with the hashtag #PlacerConsentido, or "permitted pleasure." They will be available to purchase later this year.  The same happened for flavored condoms and lubes some years ago. Tulipan uses to put their products for the everyday usage after the promotional campaigns for public and private events. I might be wrong with this one since they went for a totally different goal this time, but I'm 99% sure it will end up being in drugstores being another option.
why is text wrapping broken
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