• Secret "City of Heroes Private Server" Exposed
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‘Secret’ City of Heroes emulator operators address SCORE leak dr.. “At least for me, playing the game and not being able to share the game, was not fun,” Destroyer Stroyer says, explaining why he chose to break his NDA to expose the server. In his video, he accuses various members and groups across the internet, most specifically the City of Heroes subreddit, of working in tandem to keep a lid on news about the server, and he alleges that the secret server has a database backup of the live game, including what he implies is account and character information. A second leaker additionally accused Paragon Chat of being a “smokescreen” for the real emu. Personally really upset over this, especially since its been going on behind the scene for years now.
I would kill to be able to play CoH/CoV again. The last and only MMO I ever dumped so much of my time and heart into.
I remember this game. It was awful. I only played it once and it was the most godawful game I've ever played.
Your upsettitude has zero basis or merit. It's a private project because it has to be. NCSoft will never allow a public server to exist because NCsoft only gives a fuck about license leverage and current profit attempts. COH died because it wasn't making enough money for NC, real simple case. You can be mad about not being invited into, but you can't be mad about it's existence, cause it's not even kind of the only dead game with a private existence by a long shot. Also it really wasn't much a secret, frankly, if you bothered following the reddit at all.
I wouldn't mind playing CoH. I don't really like mmos but years it had a great community, so social aspect could make it compelling.
I loooved CoH. I still kept the box and all for City of Heroes when it first came out, me an my teacher played CoH together when I was younger. He would probably loved to play this again.
Private servers are really interesting in general. Something like this makes sense, you don't want your server to collect too much attention, unless you have it based in a country where laws wont affect you for running it.
As well, if it's finished, open-sourced, and out there it can't truly be killed anymore.
and yet lineage 2, probably ncsoft's biggest money maker, has multiple private servers. as well as lineage 1 and aion.
Like I understand killing it because it cant make a profit. If the things hemoraging money then well, I'm sorry but it might be time to bring it out back With that said, if you're going to do that... why give two shits if people are making private servers? You arn't making money from it, and likely neither are they.
True, but every time they shut a private server down they fragment the community and make people quit. This depends on which country the servers are being hosted in. If the private server files in this case are privately owned by somebody in the united states, or anywhere where strict laws apply, theyre going to get tied up in litigation. Doing it lowkey allows them to fly under the radar for a long time until they receive the inevitable notice to take the service down.
One of these things is not like the others. Corporations operate off of implied revenue aka that thing you see running at the bottom of the financial channel with numbers in it.
Why does this piece of shit of all things get private servers?
The only MMO (maybe even game) that did a pet class correctly. I miss Mastermind.
Damn what did CoH ever do to you It was pretty flawed but has a looot of redeeming qualities. Especially for the time.
“At least for me, playing the game and not being able to share the game, was not fun.” What about when the servers get C&D and no one's able to play it because they got exposed? Did the guy not think about the possibility of this shit shutting down the server?
Starting to pick up steam. https://www.pcgamer.com/a-fully-functioning-city-of-heroes-private-server-has-somehow-been-kept-secret-for-six-years/ NCSoft neglected to comment on this story. Well, if NCSoft wasn't aware of this, they certainly are now.
I can only assume that what he wants is for whatever code Leandro's using to be distributed openly or shared with the other emulator teams, since he's either much further along than any of them or using source code directly taken from the devs.
I have no emotional investment in this, but this seems like the adult equivalent of complaining to the teacher when someone doesn't want you playing with their toys. Except in this instance the teacher is just as likely to take your toys and burn them to the ground so no one can play.
If it has a database backup then wouldn't that mean an insider likely helped?
rip city of heroes after it gets C&D'd out of our reality
I expect this will lead to exactly the reason why fan servers like this are sometimes kept fully private. Once they get lots of attention it tends to quickly lead to them being shut down. I can understand wanting others to be able to play there, but it still sounds very inconsiderate of that youtuber to do this.
Virtually nobody was able to play on it already, the owner has kept this fully functioning retail version experience server a total secret for 6 years now. The few people that got in (around 2000 registered users with only about 100-50 active at any time) actually got to play with their old characters from back when the game was actually live, since he had access to all the old player data, meanwhile everyone else is stuck donating to failed fan projects which have had 0 development progress for years now, or forced to play one of the completely bare bones pseudo servers (SEGS, Paragon Chat) that only have basic chat and player customization. Theres even rumors of some of these kickstarter projects just being fronts for this guy to help pay for his own private server. The entire thing is run as an extremely shady cult, you can only get in if someone vouches for you. If anyone so much as mentions the server it they get banned, their characters deleted, and all of the people they invited will be banned/deleted as well. Its been 6 fucking years, he could have released all of these server files and code anonymously for anyone to make their own servers with but no he decides to keep all of this underwraps to stroke his own ego as well as manipulate and control the very few people that actually got in. Its a crock of shit and this needed to be exposed, the guy was never going to release any of this anyways and he is more than likely just going to act as if he deleted everything and go back to running his invite only server with even fewer people, or just outright delete the entire code so nobody will ever get to play it again.
I see three sides. People who want to play. People who will expose this if they get fucked over. People who want to preserve it and release the code to the public. You can see how much of a mess it is. Private servers exist for a reason. Hosters of said private servers can be dicks if they want to be. It could enforce pay to win. Open sourcing it means it's fair game for everyone and people can make their own public or private server. This YouTuber got fucked on but you still shouldn't do this. NCSoft may just lay down the law now and they're essentially throwing a tantrum. But I want it to be open sourced. I never got to play this as a kid despite actually owning it on disc(dad never let me play it due to sub). I'd rather NCSoft give the green light to open source it but the chances are so very little(I believe they have a history of doing a blizzard and C&Ding it).
He is neither ethically nor legally obligated to share this. Full stop. The person who leaked this is a grade-A asshole and, frankly, a complete fucking child.
Sure the guys a douchebag but two wrongs don't make a right in this situation. The YTer may have just signed it's death warrant.
Judging by the info going around, the guy that got his hands on all of this has been running the server while getting $3k in donations for running it monthly (apparently he's Argentinian so that's excessively over the standard monthly amount for most citizens, and he may not of accounted for them in his taxes), had all of the character data straight from the original servers themselves, would ban whoever tried to leak it while promptly removing every single person in a chain responsible for them getting to that point, supposedly has had Reddit moderators cover up every case that breaks out of someone trying to leak it, and also been faking the whole private server emulator thing he'd been working on for the community as an excuse to rake in more donations and support to push out a glorified chatbox. Depending on how much information is accurate, there's a plausible chance that while the youtuber is a big manchild about it, he just cracked open something that NCSoft is entirely in their rights to C&D given that the guy had the latest data of CoH and even stuff planned for post-shutdown, all of the server and character data, and other stuff that would imply a massive internal leak from the company for all of that to be handed out.
If he actually cared about NCSoft's rights, he would've notified them about it, not made a YouTube video bitching about how he's not able to do anything he wants and access anything he desires.
It's not even entirely that he had talk of it on r/CityOfHeroes silenced, he was a moderator of that subreddit from around 2015, had prominent members of the CoH community in on it, and had everyone sign a NDA on pain of permabanning to keep the secret away from everyone. I'm pissed at Stroyer for leaking the whole thing and possibly leading to CoH's second death, but I'm also pissed at Leandro for getting the MMO equivalent of that Starcraft gold master disc and using it to entertain only himself and his close peers instead of finding a way to benefit everyone.
Honestly surprised we never got another super hero MMO. You'd think with how successful these super hero films are one would've popped up by now. Unless they all just crash and burn without anyone knowing about them.
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