• Secret "City of Heroes Private Server" Exposed
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As far as I've read, the private server being secret wouldn't have been as bad if not for: 1) The people in control weren't shutting down other private server attempts 2) Those people also lying to the community that the server code would be top complex 3) Using kickstarter/patreon money from scam superhero projects to fund the server itself 4) The servers having everyone's old account information from the original game that those people who have been hoping to play again for so long would have been able to continue with their old characters
Yeah, the fact there are claims they have data from when it was live is actually a massive concern and bigger than whether or not a private server is running.
Some new clarifications from Leandro in both the MassivelyOP and PCGamer articles, mainly about where he got all that character data. Pardon me for being probably over-skeptical, but I somehow doubt he was originally planning on releasing the source code on the 15th anniversary. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107267/40ffd217-d9d8-4866-b202-9053bcd867df/CoHupdate.png
So the person who leaked this literally only leaked it because he was butthurt it was private? Good job dipshit, you ruined it for everyone now.
Ruined it for who exactly? First of all, its still up, and second of all how many people were actually able to play, compared to how many could have been?
people who make these things then don't put out any of the tools or source are complete fucking morons, it's always going to end in gag orders and they never have the foresight to ensure it lasts. They always have this weird petty power complex like the people in this situation I've seen stuff like this just evaporate because of one takedown countless times those retards at disney infinity's emu didn't listen and now they're just gone and there's still people trying to crack into the game from scratch
The thing is that they didn't actually make anything. They directly got their hands on the very product and its things for hosting a server of it themselves. It's not so much source code or so forth as it is literally the entire game itself in their grubby mitts with no need for emulation or bypass. And then pretending for years that they're trying to emulate it and releasing a stripped-down chat room with the character creation and flying around a city as they rake in the community praise and money along the way. Power complex doesn't even begin to describe it.
I agree. So many other deserving games need private servers. Like that old Coca Cola-branded Habbo Hotel-esque game from the early 2000's. That shit was dope.
Yeah, basically if someone is saying they're not going to release the tools or whatever because they're worried about takedowns, they're either comically stupid or else lying through their teeth. Its akin to security through obscurity which doesn't work. When security analysts find a major security hole in a system but the system owner tries to cover it up instead of actually fix the issue after being alerted, the next step is almost always a controlled release of information to the media. The hope is that this will force the hand of the responsible party because there is no longer the obscurity, and they have the bad publicity of failing at due diligence and good practice. Basically this is at the same step: "They won't do anything about it, so I'm going to the media to force the issue." Sometimes this causes more problems, but it's a case of "Maybe problems now or almost definitely problems later." Projects like this often just die over night because the guy responsible goes, "Ehh, I'm done." and never keeps up with it, or they die, or they have some other major life changing circumstance that keeps them away from it. On rare occasion they come back a long time later to try to pick up the pieces, but usually its gone for ever because they didn't plan or didn't care outside of themselves.
It's not really the fact that he had a private server and chose to only let certain people on and had a strict non-disclosure policy about it. Private torrent trackers operate in the same fashion, you have to know people in the proper circles to even be aware that some of the better ones exist. That's not really a problem. The problem is that this guy and his friends actively LIED to the community for years. They perpetuated a campaign of disinfo and FUD, continuously saying whenever the topic came up that a CoX server was unlikely to ever happen for various technical reasons, all while they had their secret club version playable and working. They had major members of the surviving CoX community help perpetuate this lie and also cultivated forum and community positions on all the major sites to be in a position to keep people in the dark by plugging leaks, censoring discussion and unmasking and banning leakers and anyone else they might have talked to. They and other members of this community held several donation drives to help fund reverse engineering of the game to make a private server happen, but those projects save for SEGS have really gone nowhere (some wonder if any of these projects were sabotaged from the inside) and it's become readily apparent much of that money has likely been siphoned off over the years to pay for hosting the secret server. All the while the owner, and all the major CoX community members who have been involved have been pretending to care about the CoX community and watching it slowly dwindle and die over the years, while they enjoy a perfectly working version of the game, WITH ALL THEIR OLD ACCOUNT INFO AND CHARACTERS FROM THE OFFICIAL SERVERS, in secret, behind their backs. It's an absolutely disgusting breach of the CoX community's trust. And of course the owner and everyone who covered for him are now going 'Oh but it was always going to end up getting released publically eventually' but anyone who's ever dealt with selfish, egotist fucks + circlejerk club like this, especially hoarders of rare games and beta builds, or even people here in the Gmod community over the years who port models/assets from other games, will know that's a load of bullshit. The signs are all there that this guy and his inner circle are definitely the kind of people who would definitely be going 'neener neener' if they weren't trying to keep it totally hidden from the world.
yeah that's even worse
MassivelyOP released a new article discussing the event, and it's about how this has caused a massive schism in the community. The author seems still convinced that the gaslighting, permabanning, etc. were done in good faith to preserve secrecy. The comments are pretty aggressively trying to paint Leandro as just another poor guy being abused by the rude and entitled City of [x] community for scrabbling together a working "emulator" and keeping it only open to personal friends, close family, and big names in the community. Into the Super
Fucking nutso that the dude is very obviously not a good person but people will defend his actively bad behavior, behavior that harms them even, all because, "???".
Fucking hurts to find out there is a full fledge server running and its not being shared to such a devoted community. I fell into depression when the game got shutdown and only wished it would come back. Hopefully this will be released or shutdown. Either way.. I'll accept it.
It's been a wild, wild few days, but we've at last reached some sort of positive conclusion! Fearing for his life after some monstrous edgelords on 8chan doxxed him and started menacingly sending him pictures of his dog, Leandro opted to release the source code to trusted community member Oddbrother, to look it over and scrub out any information NCSoft could use to track down the original leaker. An ETA on the full scrubbed source code was left obscured, with some people convinced it was going to be released alongside a public server by September, and others assumed it would be released in a matter of days. Within the afternoon, either Oddbrother himself or someone close to him released the code to the public. Either it was left totally unscrubbed or there was much, much less incriminating evidence than initially thought. Which I will absolutely not be sharing ITT, since this is very obviously warez. (someone else's screenshots taken from the thread, not mine) https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107267/200deb8b-31b7-49d3-bd23-20f0764d715d/1555614290066.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107267/8587d497-9c48-4877-a2e6-f25f2b1efbc7/1555614791540.png I can't agree with the potential legal jeopardy Oddbrother (or someone using his computer) has put whatever poor NCSoft employee leaked it in, but it's great to have this code out and about after all this time. It took us seven years and a lot of pain, but it's finally happening. City of Heroes lives!
The source code and the auth server are now on the Internet. The source code was released 30 minutes ago.
While it is a good first step, until the guy releases the Mission, NPC, and Map data this is hardly over. All 3 of those are extremely important, without them its back to square one, all of them are insanely difficult to make from scratch especially the mission data with how spaghetti the code for this game was/is. It could take years to rebuild every single mission from scratch unless people get their hands on those files.
A public test server is up now as of 7:40 EST. More to come in the next couple of weeks. Insane what they did in just 2 days.
Looks like leaking was the right move
I literally made my Dark/Kin defender, casted a dark bolt at an enemy and shed a tear.. I was so fucking happy. This is a dream come true. Then servers crashed ha
aaaaaand it's gone https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/145866/bd444ea0-e88e-4d6c-977c-3485c5f2604c/RIP CoH.png
It was pretty stupid to not expect legal action to be honest. Blizzard sued people for making wow server emulators and those guys used leaked server source code to run their server. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/111296/906dbdf0-0f9f-4668-b25c-030f2c280879/изображение.png
Big respect for this guy honestly.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/211241/23374911-fc45-4175-80de-62b7830b3617/screenshot_190421-22-43-49.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/211241/6c468447-d811-4c80-98c5-40cbd383b0ab/screenshot_190421-22-13-26.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/211241/47c8aaad-1b20-4720-a81f-4954357bb847/screenshot_190421-12-59-58.jpg i managed to make van darkholme, manly tears and Generic Soldierman atleast. heres hoping it comes back.
Theres been no actual legal action, its all hearsay bullshit, nobody has been able to produce proof of any sort of CND or Termination. Current "story" is the 1 and only server owner just pulled the plug on the only working public server and ran off with the fully functioning binaries. Leandro comes out of the woodwork and convinently says he can set up another server and is asking people with hardware to contact him so he can send them, -and only them-, the needed files to get another server going. Essential Code is still being held hostage, every time someone asks why they haven't released the important server files to the public its always sweeped under the rug, everything that has been leaked so far is incompatible with eachother. It drives me mad seeing this game get dragged through the mud by these idiots who refuse to release the needed items for anyone to make a server, all they have to do is leak these critical files so literally anyone with a set of servers can host their own private server and be done with it but no, they have to constantly dangle it infront of thousands of players and say "we'll release them very soon" to make themselves feel important. There is literally no logical reason for leandro to still be the sole owner of this data at this point in time, none.
It'll come back, sooner rather than later. The code looks fine and it's down to recreating a few config files/db schemas at this point.
If it's anything like WOW in terms of architecture it will take quite a bit of work to get it running like official server unless someone leaks database dump. For those who don't know how it works in WOW: if you run wow server emulator without any kind of world dump you'll be running empty world without any npc's, spells, skills, items, etc.
They have databases/world files etc.. Just the server binaries were wiped. It will be back up in a couple days.. When they get their heads out their ass and cut politics out.
I'm talking about other people running the server. "We were there.rar" archive only contains source code as far as I can tell.
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