• Texas man defends home against 5 armed intruders using AK-type rifle
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Wasn't this the way Kalashnikov wanted AKs to be used?
Choppers gone chop :shruggo:
Correct me if I'm wrong. But unless you live in the middle of nowhere, isn't a 7.62 rifle a terrible fucking idea because of the possibility of overpenetration? Sure, you'll kill the intruders. And probably a bystander in the street somewhere. And your neighbor's kids, if you live in a townhouse complex. AK rounds would go through drywall like it isn't even there.
Yeah a 7.62 AK is really not what I would recommend for HD, especially in a scramble like this. The odds are against you accidentally injuring a bystander but they're still much much higher than with a 5.56.
Some types of anti-tank guns were issued with fragmentation or canister rounds for use against infantry, and some did have HE rounds for attacking fortified positions. Fighting Infantry is hardly the first choice for an anti-tank gun crew, but they still have to defend themselves in the case of infantry assault.
I'd be more impressed that he used an actual 7.62 AK-derivative rather than something like 5.45.
Any bullet would go through dry wall easily.
Some more than others, though. Sure, a 9 mil might end up ripping straight through your room's drywall, but a rifle round will rip through several rooms worth of drywall simply on account of having far greater energy behind it.
I started to say that but 7.62 AKs are still more common, cheaper, and easier to get ammo for. I figure someone who has a 5.45 model (ie Arsenal SLR) would probably know enough to not call it an "AK-47", whereas a WASR-10 can still be had for 500 bucks at a pawn shop and is popular with people who don't really know their stuff.
That's my concealed carry. Works great.
Thats why a 9mm Hollow point is the best defense for your typical home defense scenario.
A burglar hops in your backyard https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/238264/35744c15-414d-46e8-9742-2eb53d916612/finding.jpg
In truth, a compact AR15 is actually a better option as 5.56 actually has less penetration through interior obstacles like drywall compared to most pistol rounds.
True, but self defence is self defence. Even an innocent man can get in trouble with a gang cause he looked at them funny or insulted them. People underestimate how much fire power you may need when you have that many enemies who want to kill or rob you.
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