• George Lucas names Jar Jar Binks as his favourite character
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The more i read about George and what not. The more i feel bad about just relentlessly shitting on him. Seems the thing George Lucas excels at is when he has someone else of equal skill or more so surrounding him. And given the massive popularity of star wars and the fanatical fan base it has over the years. He had almost no one to bounce ideas off of or stop and go. "Wait a sec George, we should improve on this". If George was surrounded by less yes men and more of people who will view his stuff critically and give him advice, i imagine the Prequels would've been better off. Cause one way to show that he actually has good ideas is what is supposedly the original concept of the Jar-Jar Character. The idea of Jar Jar being this goofy, comic-relief character that slowly overtime reveals his darker and crueler nature is a fantastic idea and concept. The problem is the execution. If George was surrounded by people who critically analyzed what he did instead of yes men. He could've fleshed out that concept much more better. Imo, the Jar-Jar Character should've been more of a Charismatic trickster that is somewhat incompetent with fighting. In a nutshell, George is an Ideas man, but those ideas only work the best if he has people around him to discuss and work on those ideas. Similar to Dan Aykroyd
To be fair, Spielberg directed, not Lucas. Also, the key difference is the attitude between the two examples. The Trailer is deliberately trying to make Indy’s delivery more badass with a lower, more confident “Part time.” In the film, it’s meant to be funny, hence the much drier, bordering on sarcastic “Part time.” You can basically tell by he timing and how it’s edited.
I wish they went with it for real but they didnt because they're complete utter COWARDS
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