• Ubisoft giving away Assassin's Creed Unity in light of Notre Dame de Paris fire
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https://register.ubisoft.com/acu-notredame-giveaway/en-GB It's in Uplay if you're interested. https://twitter.com/Ubisoft/status/1118514706392723456
I’ve never played Unity, how is it?
It had a very bad launch. After some extensive patching it's at OK levels. Not the worst, not the best. But OK. I think it's fine for $0.
that's really AC outside of an absurdly select few games
Borderless Windowed mode doesn't work properly https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/108621/344c5ad0-3a85-4146-a451-d6b81dbeaa83/image.png
Vertical video is infecting everything these days.
Fun fact (from the AC wiki): The Notre-Dame was single-handedly recreated for Assassin's Creed: Unity by Senior Level Artist Caroline Miousse, who spent more than two years on constructing the iconic monument. While most of the cathedral is faithful to the original, creative liberties had to be taken with most of the art that adorns it, which is protected under copyright law.[4] Caroline Miousse digitally immortalized Notre-Dame single-handed.
I'm a massive AC shill and I'll say it right away: the gameplay is bad. It's unbalanced and unpolished, and the fighting gets very very tiresome rapidly, but the game expects you to get into fights all the time. However, visually it's an absolute fucking masterpiece. Even latter AC games don't have a world that feels as believable, as atmospherically immersive. Every single little thing has a massive amount of detail, and that makes the world seem fucking massive. The main quest is rather good but uneven, story-wise. Gameplay-wise it is more fun than the sidequests, which are very redundant and a serious drag. However, the criminal investigations and the Nostradamus puzzles are very good and are absolutely worth doing. Also the DLC, Dead Kings, is a vast improvement over the main game, gameplay-wise. Don't forget to do it.
Unpopular opinion but other than the technical issues during its shoddy launch, it actually might be my favorite AC game (before AC Origin). I really like the changes in the stealth and combat, and it's my favorite of its approach in the 'traditional' AC gameplay before Origin overhauled it with something more RPG-ish (but I also like it and Odyssey). And the visuals really are stunning, you can tell how much care and love they poured into the environments in general. The fact every interior is accessible too is pretty neat.
Someone posted an article in the Notre-Dame fire thread that says it isn't as accurate as people think.
I really enjoyed unity but it had one of the worst endings to a story I've even seen
Half of the AC games i have i got for free because Ubisoft keeps giving them away. Too bad i never play those.
My article said that it wasn't 100% accurate, but something like 95% accurate. So really, don't worry about that unless you've studied Notre-Dame in detail.
The fighting is pretty neat, slower than previous games and a bit clunky, I wish they kept at it and refined it with later additions, the parkour is practically the best in the game, its peaked with Unity and its been downhill since Syndicate, and the best part is that the hidden blade isn't an overglorified dildo in Unity so you'll be able to 1-HKO enemies even if they're higher level than you, still cant use it in combat though.
it's cool that's free, but it's a pain in the ass to claim it
Ehm, yeah, downright impossible. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/561/a77afee2-4be2-4180-86b5-996ef80cda2d/image.png
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/223991/f56969cb-a2c0-48b4-8841-0a3a8a031038/image.png lol good job ubisoft, even your attempt to give it away for free is buggy
The service is being overloaded by the number of people.
So if any of that work is destroyed, it may be lost forever because copyright holders are overprotective pricks? How ironic.
Honestly probably my favourite Assassin's Creed, barring perhaps Origins(and Odyssey by extension). It plays quite well now, with few if any bugs, and its only real issue to me was in terms of its low framerate(I was playing it on PS4), which hovered as low as 20-30 it seemed. I am biased since it takes place during one of my favourite time periods in one of my favourite nations, but the gameplay is genuinely solid and on par with the latest. It basically fuses the modern combat with the classical combat in a great way.
I think the copyright issue was mainly about the organ in the cathedral, which has been rebuilt and modified many times, even in the last 30 years. They also made some creative changes too. The spire you see ingame looks very similar to the contemporary spire, built in the 19th century. Around the time the game takes place, the cathedral apparently had a rather underwhelming wooden spire: https://previews.agefotostock.com/previewimage/medibigoff/02d6aa5f050495d58a90aa871905b2b2/dae-90009047.jpg
This is nice, but I don't know if it was the right move. The cynic in me believes it's taking advantage of the fire to push uPlay just a little bit more, but the optimist in me can't help but smile at the 500,000 euro donation they made, and assume they have genuinely good intentions for a symbol of their home country. If I were Ubisoft, and I wanted to maximize potential PR without looking scummy to the more cynical types, I'd have put the game on sale for something like 50-75%, then donated all proceeds from the game during the sale towards rebuilding the cathedral alongside the initial large donation.
I've played almost all of the AC games and I'll say it's one of the most underwhelming releases. Not as bad as AC III, but not that good either.
Yeah I think I trust developers who actually studied the building with historians for 2 years over a few dudes on the internet.
Also in the Assassin's Creed games most of the historical inaccuracies are noted in the in game codex. Likein AC3 there was a building that didn't exist until a few years after the game took place but they put it in because it was cool, and they added a note stating as much.
We are hating AC3 now? The plot was great
Ah man, I'm on the complete opposite side for the gameplay: I think it has far and away the best parkour, combat, and assassination gameplay out of any "traditional" Assassin's Creed game thus far. Everything about it was just so smooth and weighty. Plus the co-op kicked ass.
These issues have all been fixed, it plays fine now and looks wonderful in cutscenes. Considering that it was released almost five years ago it's a graphical marvel in cutscenes. The gameplay environments aren't as pretty though. https://i.imgur.com/tlhijOG.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Qj2jVHw.jpg https://i.imgur.com/PuTNsyr.jpg https://i.imgur.com/zSMgVgv.jpg For those interested, the gameplay's pretty fun with the usual Ubijank. The story is one of the worst in the series. Arno and Elise are boring planks of wood, the (now minimal) modern story isn't engaging, and you never feel involved with the French Revolution. Some of your friends and foes are big players in the revolution but their activities are barely mentioned. At one point you meet Napoleon out of sheer coincidence and do some side missions for him. The ending leaves you scratching your head and renders everything you've done in modern times pointless anyway.
Unpopular hateful opinion but I like Ubisoft for past few years. Their games are awesome (R6S, Watchdogs 2, Wildlands, FC5, AC, Div 2 etc..) UPlay is good and I like their entire ecosystem built into it like in game rewards etc.. Generally have no connectivity issues, Most of their subsidiaries have good communication with players (respond on reddit etc...) And I like how they often run various promotions.
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