• Ubisoft giving away Assassin's Creed Unity in light of Notre Dame de Paris fire
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It really was, and still is a work of art. Whatever magic shader they used to make everything look so 'soft' is still incredibly gorgeous in 2019. This isn't even mentioning the legitimately awe-inspiring crowds such as at the execution of Louis XVI.
Unity isn't bad. It's just more AC. Very average, I think. The only standout IMO is its visuals, it is quite a gorgeous game
The most underrated game in the series by far. I was actually going to rebuy it for PC because I think it is probably the best modern representation of pure pre-Origins city AC.
What's great about Unity is that the player is given a lot of stealth tools and they don't have the resilience of a T-800.
Unity is so polarizing for me, there's not another game that I could describe both as "one of the worst in the series" and yet "underrated". But Unity does that. Some parts of it I hate, some parts I love more than anything else in the series. The FUCKING SNIPERS though. Jesus Christ, Unity will make you hate those fucking skinny motherfuckers so much.
Just booted this up for the first time, and while it's nice of Ubisoft to give it away for free, the fact that it's seemingly impossible to disable mouse acceleration is infuriating. I feel like I'm drunk when playing this.
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