• Samsung Galaxy Fold Review Units are Breaking
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https://www.droid-life.com/2019/04/17/galaxy-fold-review-units-are-breaking/ The Samsung Galaxy Fold went up for pre-order on Sunday and sold out immediately. Shortly after, Samsung handed a number of review units to press (not us), who have had them for a couple of days now for testing. At least three of those units have already broken. Within a few minutes of each other this morning, three tech reporters took to Twitter to share the stories of their broken Galaxy Fold units. The Verge put together a write-up that described and showed off a weird bulge that eventually broke the foldable display on the inside of the Fold. CNBC and Bloomberg tech folk followed up with devices showing the inside display half-dead, flickering, or getting progressively worse since issues first started last night.
you beat me to it anyways what a piece of shit
This is why you don't preorder.
Looks like refunds are gonna rise tenfold
https://twitter.com/markgurman/status/1118575264026333185 Why on earth would you put a thin layer of plastic on the screen that looks like it's removable? So many people will remove the plastic without realizing what it's for. I would have done the same thing.
I think we all expected this, it's a new technology and these are the birthing pains of it. The Fold 2 is probably going to be an overall much better experience. Early adopters are currently paying the early adopter tax and that's about all this amounts to.
I work at Best Buy - all of the material I've read thus far specifically mentions this screen protector being "special" and MUST NOT BE REMOVED - emphasis theirs. The S10 family also comes preinstalled with a screen protector, it looks rather similar to this.
Forget looking like it's removable, why is it easily removable at all?
Not surprising its shit But I also can't blame Samsung entirely This is the bane of new tech, making huge fuckups that you learn from
Considering how normal of a technique it is/was to put a thin peelable layer on tech, to suddenly make that an integral part of a phone is just unrealistic, any person who's familiar with smart phones would immediately peel that off without even batting an eye at the manual.
I'm really not inclined to exactly blame Samsung for this one. This is bleeding-edge technology that they're rushing onto shelves due to huge consumer demand. That's just how we can expect corporations like Samsung to function, and we can't expect them to get something this new and unusual perfectly right on the first try. It's really on the consumer to avoid being an early adopter.
I agree But to add, I think that if something bad like this happens on the SECOND run, that's when people should get really seriously pissed
Don't underestimate one's ability to forcefully remove something that they think is removable.
This is a fuckup I'd expect out of a Linustechtips video.
It really does just look like a screen protector. Just what the hell is that film for?
I suspect that foldable LCD's are new and maybe R&D was off on how to contain the liquid/material from moving/conduct across the screen? I assume the film was a conductor and retainer for the crystals/diodes that make up the screen.
It probably is a screen protector, just meant to be permanently applied. I'm guesssing the force applied to the screen when removing it is causing the layers underneath to delaminate, causing screen failure.
It's not an LCD, it's a flexible OLED panel.
Still bothers me that they fold vertically and not horizontally, would fit better in small pockets.
Solution: stick an actual screen protector on it that has "WARNING: do not attempt to remove layer of plastic under this screen protector" printed on it, then it's clear what's what and people won't attempt to pull it off.
The Galaxy Fold becomes the Galaxy Flop
🤔 https://twitter.com/askdes/status/1118596295185141760
A protective layer that is easily removed isn't very protective.
looks like review units didn't have that disclaimer https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110042/79e94703-af53-4b76-aa58-1e99fc6dc387/image.png
Samsung just can't catch a break can they. I guess this isn't quite as bad as exploding, at least.
It would've been less confusing if the screen sheet thing was integrated into the phone itself
oh shit it happened to MKBHD?!
The screen condom was important to prevent a repeat of the Galaxy Fold's offspring with the Huawei Mate that stole the foldable limelight.
every impression I've gathered so far is that it isn't easily removable and requires quite some force. The Galaxy Fold is quite clearly a like the Google Glass' first release. It's early adopters. If you go pulling on your $2,000 phone without trying to learn about all the phone has to offer, well..
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