• Samsung Galaxy Fold Review Units are Breaking
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"Just make a screen with no bezels"
nothing is impossible. but the folding screen is not really developed. you can't call something 1st gen if it's unfinished.
Why do you think you know better than a huge company that throws billions at R&D?
because these billions are being spent on developing things that don't last.
If you train people for years to take the protective plastic film off of everything they buy, a warning sticker probably isn't going to stop a significant enough portion of the population from trying to rip off the particularly stubborn film on their shiny future phone. People are really fucking habitual.
So when the first rocket to space went up in flames, we should've simply dropped it all because a single guy somewhere said it doesn't work. It's the first of it's kind. Of course it's going to have problems. If you stop at the first sign of resistance, you're never getting anywhere.
Samsung has already created a gapless bezelless display and they showed it off at CES 2018, so AK'z isn't in the wrong for suggesting it. Since it used MicroLED rather than OLED those displays probably just aren't ready for production yet or are still too expensive to mass produce.
That way of thinking is so moronic I can't even think of why you'd say that. It's the first bendable display period. It's going to have issues. Yes they rushed it out, no one is saying anything to the contrary. There's lessons to be learned when you're engineering new technology, and this is one of them.
This is probably the result of mass production not being as carefully done as prototype models. But even then this thing looks even flimsier than normal smartphones, and you can't even put a protector on it? Does anyone actually expect this thing not to break the first time you drop it?
I'm sorry you think it's moronic that I want my gadgets to last.
Then this product isn't for you. This is part of what all early adopters of new technology go through.
that is nintendo 3ds
No... no it's not
How were the first rockets in any way built to last? They were made to propel it's payload into space and then burn up in the atmosphere or crash down on the earth.
Dude, it's objectively not. Like just fucking google what a 3ds looks like holy shit. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/108645/cc765a7d-4c11-429f-bdd8-2aa48a23551d/image.png vs this https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/108645/daf71fe4-772a-49d7-8218-f1faf22df053/image.png
uh you're doing that thing again where you latch onto a point, or fragment of an argument and hold on for dear life, despite facts being in your way Please don't do this again AKz.
Out if curiosity, what function does this phone serve? I don't really see the attraction of two screens myself as opposed to one large foldable screen
Warning or not, I wouldn't want something on my phone which clearly can be removed but I'm just supposed to not touch it. If the film can be peeled off, then a corner is going to come loose eventually and having a peelable corner that you're not supposed to touch and now have to constantly protect would drive me insane.
anyone out here saying two screens is equal to or greater than one massive folding screen is mad imagine watching netflix on a continuous, tablet sized screen on the train and then folding it back to a phone and popping it in your pocket, dunno about you but watching stuff across two phone screens stacked is pretty incomparable to a seamless tablet experience in the same form factor this phone was always going to be the dirty prototype but in 10 years i think this is gonna be the standard for high end phones
I think it's just for seemlessness
Multitasking and reading. Also I have a ds emulator on here, which is great to use. Its also an amazing remote desktop tool. While the seam makes watching a video stretched over both screens kinda eh, I still prefer to have these gorilla glass screens over a phone that costs a kidney and breaks when you stare at it too hard. I really want this flexible screen tech, but it still needs a bit more time.
I honestly can't think of a phone that doesn't have gorilla glass or an equivalent. Even the Galaxy Fold has it.
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