• Burnout Paradise servers shut down on August 1st
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So at least time should go a bit slower once these servers are gone
The Remaster is currently on sale on Origin- so far as I can tell, it's a good enough port, plus it comes with the stuff PC never got originally (for whatever reason). The game's still a blast, if only EA didn't own the franchise.
I remember stealing my brothers copy of this to play it all the time. I don't think I've ever even touched another driving game (bar kart-racing ones) but Burnout Paradise was super fun. Recently picked up the Remastered version on XB1 and it's just as fun as it was back then. Can't say I'm surprised there were enough people playing it for them to support the servers for over 10 years.
So you have to be able to walk before you run. Open world is nothing without gameplay. You also aren't going to make a open world Burnout with a team that small. They could barely get it out as is. Also, the open world aspect of Paradise apparently caused a split in the Burnout community. Some like it, but others didn't because it made races a lot less intense. A lot of people believe that 3 and Revenge were peak Burnout. So there is a demographic that prefers old fashioned arcade racing.
well fuck, time to launch the original game and buy the remaster
Main issue with Paradise VS revenge is that instead of having specifically laid out tracks it was always go from point A to point B. It had laid out checkpoint courses online but it would've benefit from having the track more explicitly marked like in revenge. The open world combined with the focus on doing sick ass jumps and wrecking each other lended itself to MP shenanigans that you couldn't get with the previous entries.
Burnout 3 Takedown for Xbox is the peak for me, mainly because it and Revenge for PS2 were the only ones I owned before Paradise, and both were mostly comparable but with one gigantic difference that was a huge quality of life matter: In Revenge's crash maps, restarting the crash was a near-total level reload, so 10-15 seconds of disc spinning while the PS2 reset the level state every time you clipped a parked car on the way to the primary crash location, making setting high scores painful The Xbox only needed a couple seconds to restart a crash level, meaning small mistakes were no big deal and you'd be hurtling back into the intersection in no time I've never done a comprehensive survey of the Xbox/PS2 generation titles' performance so I don't know if this is an unlucky downside of Revenge or a limitation of the PS2's available RAM or Takedown was just exceptionally fast on the Xbox, or what, but I know which one made for a better party game when I was going somewhere with too many people for even Mario Party or Smash without hazardous amounts of controller trading. Everyone could enjoy vehicular slapstick-carnage and nobody got bitter from blue-shelling.
I’m so confused, is that not the song in the post you’re quoting? OP didn’t edit it either.
I mean the Youtube video title.
I own the Ultimate Box and haven't touched it. Guess this is motivation.
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