• Google accused of sabotaging Firefox (again)
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Fuck off Google
Of course Google did. They're not actually as great as people constantly say. They're in fact a rather shady and untrustworthy corporation that doesn't really give two shits about its users or anticompetitive practices.
At the end of the day, Google only cares about collecting your data to serve you ads. It's easier to do that when you're on a platform they have 100% control of, so of course they'll try and break firefox. I only ever use chrome for video players that don't work in firefox.
That's how they killed Edge. Edge was faster on YouTube, so they put a transparent <div> over the video that broke hardware acceleration there (but not in Chrome, of course).
Yet another reason why YouTube needs some serious competition.
Their sites run like dogshit in their own browser on the fastest of computers. But apparently everything needs 10mb of jabbascript for some reason so there's that. Also youtube would ALWAYS hang up for 10+ seconds if I didn't pause a video and dared to switch tabs, it also jittered like shit. Video playback has no issues on Firefox but of course theirs no HDR option on videos that support is would sounds like Google being Google.
I think Chromium should be split from Google.
According to NetMarketShare, Chrome holds almost 68 percent of the browser market while Firefox has just over 9 percent. Yikes. Didn't realise the disparity was that big. Personally never got into Chrome because there was always something more customisable I wanted in Firefox.
IIRC they also fucked over Microsoft on Windows phone. Google refused to develop a native Youtube app for Windows phone, claiming that it's userbase was too small (despite having 10% of European market share, only 8% less than iOS at the time, for which they did develop a native app). When Microsoft's Youtube app turned out to be much better (and much less intrusive) than Google's own android YT app, Google sued them because it didn't show ads. Microsoft had repeatedly asked for the API for ads, but Google refused to give it. When Microsoft fixed it without using Google's API, Google changed the license agreement and forced Microsoft to remove the app. Fuck Google and everything they do.
Stick to sabotaging your own browser, Google.
I no longer use Google products and this kind of shit reminds me why it's worth the inconvenience.
kinda ironic how two decades ago it was Microsoft who was playing dirty like this with Netscape Although Microsoft never (to my knowledge) sabotauged Netscape, just made a free alternative bundled with windows thus striking off the competition.
Only youtube do I have issues with in Firefox. If I try and watch a Linus Tech Tips video on youtube, it jitters and stutters like crazy and the screen tearing is nuts. If I watch the same video on Floatplane, it's perfect. Even if im playing a graphics heavy game. Fuck google.
Just in case anybody wants sources for this: https://www.theverge.com/2013/8/16/4627342/microsoft-google-battle-over-youtube-windows-phone https://www.theguardian.com/technology/appsblog/2013/aug/15/google-disables-windows-phone-youtube-app
Iirc Microsoft wrote an app the way you mention the first time around, second time around Google blocked it because it wasn't written in HTML5 (despite neither Android's nor iOS being written in that language). It was pretty obviously Google trying to fuck Microsoft over.
Huh, yeah Youtube randomly stopped loading properly on Firefox, lo and behold it works just fine on Chrome (a good bit slower though, for some reason). I installed the extension mentioned in the article but it just breaks Youtube even further. Get fucked, Google.
They did sort of sabotage it. It used to be impossible to set your default browser in Windows, so it would always open links in IE, and it was also impossible to uninstall IE.
I forgot where I got it from but I use this Tampermonkey script to go back to the old design: // ==UserScript== // @name YouTube Polymer Disable // @match *://www.youtube.com/* // @exclude *://www.youtube.com/embed/* // @grant none // @run-at document-start // ==/UserScript== var url = window.location.href; if (url.indexOf("disable_polymer") === -1) {     if (url.indexOf("?") > 0) {         url += "&";     } else {         url += "?";     }     url += "disable_polymer=1";     window.location.href = url; } Also I use this extension but I don't know how much it actually helps with performance. It mainly just helps with making Youtube not an unusable mess.
There are other application distributors, they are just not allowed on either store as their agreements are designed to prevent competition. F-Droid is available for android and has quite a large library of FOSS applications including it's own YouTube player NewPipe.
Of which they've slightly started "edging" back towards with most OS search functionality bringing up web results in Edge, with no way to change the setting.
Indeed. Also back then it was not uncommon for web pages to have features that were browser specific. This was seen as a pretty big problem and was a violation of W3C standards, it phased out as a result of public backlash, but recently Google has been bringing it back.
It uses Polymer, which is running on top of an experimental "standard" (Web Components or Shadom DOM V0, not sure) that was only ever implemented in Chrome (and is being removed even there). You need a polyfill to run it without that, which is a piece JavaScript acting as a compatibility layer. Normally not an issue, but it's of course rather slow compared to hitting the native APIs directly.
I had a windows phone and remember the windows YouTube app. It was MARVELOUS. It had the same metro theme as the rest of windows things which made it look great, it was snappy, and wasn't a fucking memory hog like Google's. The windows phone was fucking amazing. I miss mine, and wish people gave it a chance.
I don't like Chrome, but the transparent div thing seems like it's bullshit: Did Google cripple Edge’s youtube performance? – Jeremy Noring –..
ofc they did, also google images look super outdated everywhere outside chrome
Call EU and inform them about foul business practices.
I'm not buying it entirely. If Google had any neutral relationship with Microsoft, the sensible thing to do would have been working together to make YouTube work nicely everywhere. They could have at least told them "yes, this is because of accessibility. Please fix it on your end" instead of not telling them at all what's going on. I'm saying this with having run into Edge cases as a developer before. It does behave slightly differently than other browsers, but in my experience those were cases where I shouldn't have relied on implicit behaviour in other browsers either. (e.g.: <option> text content doesn't set their value to that exact string in IE and Edge, at least via Angular templates. If you bind the value property then it will work reliably across browsers.)
Thanks google, this was really the final reminder that I needed to migrate back to firefox for once and for all. Will not miss the RAM hog.
Google, once you make a browser that doesn't take 3 eons to open up, maybe I'll use it. I highly reccomend anyone who still uses Chrome to use Waterfox. It's about as fast as chrome, starts quickly, is open-source, and doesn't do all this shady bull.
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