• Google accused of sabotaging Firefox (again)
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I switched back to firefox from Opera about a week ago and was surprised at how good it is these days. I'm definitely going to keep it as my main browser after hearing about this shit.
I'm okay with google taking over, but options should still matter and unfair competition fuels unhealthy business environment, that results in more consequences
It got a very major update a while back.
I was gonna ask why people are only angry now that it's Firefox turn to be impacted by this move, but I realize that 99% of the responses would be "lol edge".
I think it's because a lot more people use Firefox then IE or any other non-blink browser so it's now Google's sabotage is more noticable.
It's shitty regardless. But like Lamarr said, Firefox has a higher user share than Microsoft browsers. Personally I've been very critical of Google for years. I trust freaking Microsoft more than them right now which says a lot because I don't trust Microsoft at all. Why though? What makes Google better than any other corporation taking over?
99% of the internet: "who cares lol edge ie6"
It's worth mentioning that although they are slowly recovering it and did even earn some from the event at the same time, they lost a massive amount of marketshare from people switching away from firefox when they disabled all addons. A good chunk of people were switching away to opera, vivaldi or whatever else just to get a browser that allows them to get it to look they way they want, which addons were the primary means for before. Between that and the "you should use chrome!" popup every time you visit what is by far the single biggest search engine by a colossal margin, which is no doubt essentially vacuuming up people newer to the internet (especially since it re-appears every time you open the page no matter what you do, even going so far as to change something somewhere in the pop-ups workings every few days to get it to re-appear even if adblocked), it's actually not that much of a surprise.
If you're talking about when they switched their extension system over to Web Extensions, then you can actually indirectly blame Google there too. Google refuses to adhere to anyone else's standards and lazy Chrome extension devs would develop Firefox versions of their extensions for awhile before abandoning them. So Mozzarella decided to abandon their actually good extension framework for the sake of standardizing extensions despite the fact Google's Web Extension framework is utter garbage in comparison and lacks like half of the things Mozilla's was able to do.
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