• Kotaku UK mishears lyrics in Smash Bros, doubles down on ignorance
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https://twitter.com/Kotaku_UK/status/1118927795047079941 https://twitter.com/Kotaku_UK/status/1118974962017165312 Even the voice actor for Ann in Persona 5 calls them out on their idiocy https://twitter.com/ErikaHarlacher/status/1118992775687487488
I don't understand their response at all. They aren't dealing with anything, they're throwing a fit over something they're wrong about. and what clarification are they expecting? "Yeah, we were calling people retards tbh, we're glad you caught on!"?
Did they genuinely believe Nintendo would release media saying "retard" Like oh shit guys we gottem we're so smart aren't we yes we are
Jesus, the arrogance in their response. "Sure, there MAY be a more logical explanation but we're just gonna ASSUME we're correct."
Kotaku are gonna be furious when they find out about the spoken word segment in the Persona 4 theme "Pursuing My True Self" where the music stops for 3 minutes while the singer rants about being allowed to say the N word
Gotta' get them hate-clickssss.
Being an editor these days seems to be the easiest job on the fucking planet.
Is Kotaku the PC Gestapo or something? Are they a thing just to catch bad words?
They're trying to get clicks after all their advertisers left
well mario calls bowser gay in super mario 64, wait until they dig up that controversial past
what the fuck I thought this was a oneyplays joke
Also of course Laura Kate Dale wrote this article, always looking for them clicks even after posting fake nintendo rumors
The actual quote in SM64 is just Charles Martinet awkwardly saying "So long, Bowser!" in his Mario voice.The misheard version has been a joke since the 90s.
Nintendo can't keep getting away with this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P27ZsrQ_wFE
I think the funniest part is that Persona 4 has been out for 11 years and just now they think this.
Kotaku? More like KoTARDku amiright?
Oh, she already apologized, but for some reason higher ups aren't allowing her to comment otherwise, nor have they taken down the article. Prediction time: they're throwing her under the bus for following her bosses' own damn mandate to post a certain amount of clickbait garbage per day to keep the advertising revenue flowing.
Only fair since she's done her share of bus bumper bumping herself.
Who cares? Getting people outraged and having their name in the headlines is what they want.
I like how in the update they make mention that they've reached out to "various companies involved with persona for clarification" Y'know, the thing they could've done when writing the fucking article in the first place. Something an actual journalist would do?
To be honest, I have been wondering what the singer says in that moment.
I can definitely see why somebody would hear it and think she's saying "retarded." The critical difference is that my reaction (and the reaction of most people I imagine) would be "That probably isn't actually what she's saying. It serves absolutely no purpose in the song," and maybe look up the lyrics to see if I can discern what's actually being said. This writer's reaction was to immediately assume that it was a slur and write a hit-piece on it. And then backtrack when it's pointed out that you can't assert with any sort of authority what's being said.
So they tried to reach out to the truth? I never saw it coming.
Literally how does LKD have a fucking job. She's the fucking worst
And it blew up in her face. This could be the last surprise for her.
So she wrote an article going "I HEARD THIS IN THE SONG" and didn't bother to check the lyrics. Get fucked
People have brought up that this might actually count as libel under UK libel laws.
Takes too long. Never gonna hit that five-article-a-day quota with work ethic like that.
It's a hit piece because of Atlus already being an easy target for social ire due to people having issues with how their games represent LGBT people. I'm totally not surprised Laura probably heard "retarded" and instead of researching it (the logical thing to do), just went "ATLUS IS AT IT AGAIN" and pushed this out to get some instant clicks and support from those who have issues with Atlus. Tie this all with Nintendo and Smash Bros, and the traffic is bound to be huge. While Laura is apologizing now, the whole bit of saying "you're saying we're wrong, but we're actually right" is also something she did in her leak reporting days. People would always prove her leaks as bullshit, and her response was basically to say "you're wrong, I'm right." At the end of the day though, nobody really wins. Yeah, Kotaku gets fucking blasted as they should here, but they surely got a decent chunk of change from all the outraged people who clicked on the article.
Are Japanese developers the justified "bad guys" for some journalists or something? I don't understand how a website that is famous for being "politically correct" can publish an article being racist against a Japanese singer and get away with it. Using the word "retard" is a big yikes, but let's make fun on how a Japanese pronounces English words funny.
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