• Kotaku UK mishears lyrics in Smash Bros, doubles down on ignorance
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Seems like she is trying to throw her boss underneath the bus rather than taking responsibility. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/486/391de4fd-ca47-4f9d-9385-5f81899f502c/1555683404003.jpg This is dumb of her to post in so many aspects. Lets say it's true, and that her boss did tell her to write it up. Why didn't she go into straight damage control once she found out it was posted? Why didn't she actually talk back to her boss and tell him that she would not write the article this way, she'd rather wait until comment, pretty much just grow a spine. If she got fired, she could easily bring them down in a case. Why didn't she do proper journalism and do actual research into it, and ask people what they thought, and tried to contact other people besides the companies, instead of attempting to make a speculative article? Now if it's not true. It's a very fucking dumb idea to throw your boss under the fucking bus, you're risking your job dumb.
Hell, if this is true, why did she write that in the first place? She puts the idea to her boss as a possibility, he tells her to write it like it's completely true and she just...goes along with it? You're working for Kotaku, what the hell makes you think this won't go tits-up?
Even the original draft that said "appears to be" is just dumb since a little bit of research or unstuffed ears would've solved the issue If it didn't say retarded then it's not a matter of "appearing to be" or mishearing it, she's just wrong and that should've been the end of the story, but screw all that, gotta make some uninformed hack job of an article is the most important thing I guess
Why did you even go to your boss about this????? If you think about it for one goddamn second you would know that's fucking impossible that nintendo would just let something like that slide in one of their most famous franchises, it makes no sense to think that word would even appear on that context. Even if what she said is true, she chose to bring attention to it, and created an issue out of thin air.
To think I work my ass off as a pizza restaurant manager and yet these fucks probably make considerably more money than me just making shit up
Actually, I am now remember why LKD originally entered the games journalists sphere, prior to her either making shit up about Nintendo products or (possibly) taking credit of other people's work. https://kotaku.com/xbox-one-presenter-humiliated-me-on-stage-says-transge-1421596988 She accused a presenter at the Microsoft event in 2013 of misgendering her, and it turns out she either misheard or made the entire event up.
What a shock! Kotaku is a shit-tier rag, so what.
https://twitter.com/Kotaku_UK/status/1119253661564186625 Kotaku UK does not delete articles. On the internet, what would be the point anyway? We admit our mistakes, own them, and update the original to reflect new information. The original article has now been updated but, as we say, it may take a while before it shows.
How I read this, "We don't delete articles because then we would lose the clicks we got on them originally"
Yeah, she's an incredibly toxic person. Manipulating people and overexaggerating shit so that she can look like a victim has been her career since day one.
"After condescendingly stroking our own dicks over how we assume we're right, that is." Fuck Kotaku, just in case you needed a reminder.
Just ignore being oppressed lol
I love how they still can't admit that they were completely wrong about the lyrics and basically they are saying "We are sorry only because you are screaming, happy?". If they want our trust, you fire the journalist that made this awful article, make an apology to the singer and the writers of the song and don't make excuses like this "Apology" is doing.
I've never understood the leaps in logic you have to do to blindly support something, especially when it requires you to basically make fun of someone's pronunciation of a language they don't speak regularly
"It's the Japanese's fault they can't say words right"
The vocalist is actually Korean.
Where was this posted, anyway?
If you knew how much you would probably be pretty angry.
This makes this even more of a farce. From what I know of Korean they have a completely different manner of speaking vowels to English (or Italian, the other potential phrase being said) so any confusion in pronunciation is-- yeah, it's pretty clear that it's just in the ear of the beholder.
I'm not seeing any "retard" in the song lyrics, but I am seeing one that has a job writing articles like this for a living.
You're the fucking editor. Why are you submitting unfinished pieces to your boss? It's no surprise why they ran the article if you sent them it. Japan doesn't have have the Easter holidays off, you would hear back sooner. Even a two minute google search for the lyrics would show how wrong you are.
Not even just that but the alleged misgendering was “this person”?
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